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Negative Reviews of Aoud Forest by Montale

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A foray into pound shop territory for Montale, this release is a generic ‘man cologne’ in the manner of some of the ‘fresher’ Axes with a tiny dab of a not particularly interesting oud construct in the background. So if citrusy herbals masking mentholated mouthwash run over by a tidal wave of aquatics are your thing, then this may be for you. But then again it may not be, as it seems so half-hearted and ham-fisted. The oud note here is about as featureless as it can be, just something piercingly woody rather than the dark, textured constructs come across in other Montales.
I can’t blame the brand for going down this route – most of the mainstream Arabic houses have similar offerings in their ranges. And the overall result is not unpleasant – but when that becomes the criterion for finding something positive to say about a perfume, it’s time to pass and move on.
16th September, 2015
Yet another oud by Montale, and while most of them are decent, this one sadly falls into the "bad ones" category. Despite its name, it has not much of a "forest"; it is basically a sort of iodine-ozonic oud with a bold "deo spray" feel all over (that "fresh" feature of supermarket deodorants). There is some synthetic pine-herbal notes, a pungent spicy-salt note, perhaps vetiver, but most of all this balsamic, aldehydes-ozonic notes with a menthol feel oddly blended with oud. Clumsy and uninspired.

09th September, 2014