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Not A Gardenia

I appreciate this attempt at a gardenia but it is really not a gardenia. It's quite green and fresh with a synthetic vibe. A lot of green fig is coming out on my skin and if I push my brain hard, I can imagine this is a greenish gardenia but actually let's face it.It is not a gardenia .it's a green fresh fig aquatic type scent.

It is a pleasant scent but I am after more than pleasant.

Pros: Quite potent
Cons: Not a Gardenia ! "

20th August, 2013
You're walking a very fine line when trying to reproduce gardenia. This is an honest attempt - you can tell the maker tried hard to capture the flower. Unfortunately it's just a little bit too synthetic and sweet. Missed the mark by a tiny margin, but with gardenia's wickedness, that's too far a miss.
30th April, 2013
A lily-jasmine fragrance, clear as a pane of glass. A few verdant touches (which also read a bit like nail polish remover) at the start make it airy and it does a nice cool-warm thing, making it an option in most weathers. I approach white florals with caution as they tend to tip me over, but I find Hothouse Flower to be quite without consequences. An undertone of buttery, coconutty creaminess doesn’t burden the overall mood of simplicity and light.
All the fun is in the first few hours, however, after which this flower is headed straight down a pretty crowded tuberose alley.
26th December, 2012
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United States
It is potent. Even before I could unwrap the well-sealed sample forwarded to me by Cestrum Nocturnum , HF announced itself as fairly sweet and leaning toward a youngish audience. I experienced a fleeting flashback to 1960s Yardley Oh de London, but can't say exactly why -- maybe just the simple, sweet, floral nature. If I didn't know the notes, I would start guessing there might be some lilac and powdery notes. Smelling the liquid itself, I like the sharp, verdant note, which I attribute more to the cypress than the other green candidates. Up close on my skin, which often makes fragrances take an unfortunate turn, that green note heads toward the vile vegetative green goo of the garden stinkbug. The the heart notes lose the greens and become more wearable for me as I like the fig coming to the forefront. The drydown doesn't go anywhere in particular.

As this is November, I think I might be inclined to give HF another go near springtime when certain cravings erupt with the crocuses.

The notes listed are some of my favorites, but I've learned that this hardly ever helps me find swoonable fragrances. Random sampling results in better percentages.
13th November, 2012