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Neutral Reviews of Lightscape by Ulrich Lang

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An overview of Ulrich Lang's Lightscape perfume reveals it to be a pleasant mossy green violet wood and musk scent, but modernized somewhat while keeping a masculine edge, similar to but not nearly as bold as Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene. Lightscape is all about the violet notes which are apparent from the start and is distantly related to three other violet centric fragrances: Grey Flannel, Green Irish Tweed and Narcisso Rodriguez for Him - for reference. With this similarity in mind, Lightscape is very different from these scents by being not as fresh or sparkling as Green Irish Tweed, more subtle than Grey Flannel, and not as grey or sultry as Narcisso Rodriguez for Him. The opening scent is galbanum and violet with a mossy old wool character lightened by a touch of lemon and rose. Green violet woods rest on a contemporary blending of musks and synthetic woods. None of the notes really jump out but stay blended in the base notes in a foggy but pleasant violet mossy freshness. The name doesn't really describe the feel of the scent. I doubt if this fragrance will make many "best of . . ." lists, but it is a very nice scent. I rate it 2.5 stars out of 5.
21st November, 2012