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Reviews of Djhenné 22 by Parfumerie Generale

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This is a fragrance I like smelling but I'm unsure about. It started in a very feminine way, with lavender. Cocoa appeared and disappeared quickly, as well as the powdery note I loved, leaving a masculine cedar and leather dry down. It's too masculine in the end for me to wear it, it's too feminine in the beginning for my male partner to like it.
I still would love it on anyone else...
25th December, 2016 (last edited: 10th April, 2017)
fantastic, what a ride

when i first smelled it, it was a dead ringer for chergui but that quickly morphed into a minted light suede/leather, hay (wheat?), very dry lavender and a faint boozy wood. it goes through three distinct phases, ending with a honeyed resinous denouement that lasts a long time. finally met a PG i was willing to buy & wear rather than simply admire from a distance. excellent frag!

19th May, 2013
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United Kingdom
Handsome, luscious fragrance with a drydown to die for. The top note is all lavender and I thought I might give it a swerve. Then a bewitching accord of what seems like coconut and chocolate join the party, but without the scent becoming overly sweet. Intoxicating and suits this time of year.
10th January, 2013
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