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Neutral Reviews of Nouez Moi by House of Sillage

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A pleasant fresh floral fragrance that smells nice but there is nothing special about it at all.
It just a generic $50 designer fragrance packed in a fancy bottle.
The opening is a fresh citrusy scent with some sweetness and some bright floral notes in the background.
The rose note here smell very fresh and watery and it's mostly in the background. it's like a supporting note actually.
There is a fruity smell specially in the mid and base of the fragrance which does not listed here. I don't know what is it but I can definitely feel it.
Semi fresh, soft floral, kind of fruity and slightly sweet all the way through.
Projection is above average and longevity is around 8-10 hours which is very good in these parts.
04th July, 2014