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Positive Reviews of Nouez Moi by House of Sillage

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Jammy Rose Oud Patchouli

Nouez Moi - " tie me" ..with an expensive swarovski blinged out bow ! This name hints at shades of S and M - a crack of a leather whip and a black mask . If it were referring to a gift ... wouldn't we be " untying me " instead ??

This is a rose + patchouli . A modern chypre type scent. It actually opens up with a full on blast of rose + oud to me ... I am wondering if there is some kind of syntehtic oud in here. Anyway, the opening smells like a lighter By Kilian's Rose Oud . Then in goes a bit jammy with a touch plumminess from the jasmine and it's then full on slightly mentholated rose and yeah , patchouli.

It is a great fragrance .

Another scents that I am reminded of is Lumiere Noire pour femme by Captain Kurk but Nouez Moi is lighter in feel.

I guess this is as dark and edgy as the House of Sillage gets.

As the scent dries down, it actually gets lighter...still staying a slightly oud-y medicinal jammy sweet rose. It's quite velvety in texture, I feel.

Pros: Beautiful
Cons: Price"

06th September, 2013