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Reviews of Fig Leaf & Sage by Kiehl's

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Unique summer scent

Very much of the school of L'Occitane - fresh Mediterranean ingredients.

Lovely fig and sage notes, topnotes very refreshing but brief, medium longevity, highly unusual, no creamy/vanilla, but perhaps slightly asexual as much as unisex?

Nicely intriguing, but not a swooner.

Pros: Very unusual
Cons: Medium longevity, unisex/asexual"

28th July, 2013
Props to this for trying to be an interesting dry herbal scent.
The citrus opening is very brief, really a lightening flash.
The fig is very green, stalky-woody and also leafy. No creamy coconut here.
Unfortunately, the fig and herbs quickly turned into "cooked celery leaves" on my skin. This note is powerful and not particularly attractive.
Long-term dry down is ok, when the celery leaf burns off. A quiet thyme sort of herbal.
Try it, it may work better on others.
Amazingly powerful for this type of spritzy scent.
15th October, 2012