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Reviews of Vanilla & Cedarwood by Kiehl's

My favourite

On me Cedar and Vanilla appear at the same time and perfectly match together..It's creamy, warm and sensual without being too strong. The projection is good on me. I love it and I would definitely buy it again :) (+ if you mix it with the Original Musk it's really really good, try it :)

23rd May, 2013
REALLY nice! A great cheaper alternative to TF Tobacco Vanille!!
02nd January, 2013
I find this a disappointment. The Cedarwood and Vanilla accord doesn't work, I find it too cloying on top and somewhat dull as it dries out. The light touch of Iris doesn't really do anything to help.
12th December, 2012
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Well, here I am reviewing a dreaded vanilla scent.
The things I do for Basenotes.
It opens with a sweet vanilla note. No surprise here. The vanilla dominates. I can't detect anything else. Certainly no wood.
A SA told me this is the most popular of the line. Obviously vanilla is a comfort scent for many people. Not me -- it is a discomfort scent.
Eventually, the broad-shouldered and aggressive vanilla steps slightly back, and perhaps very, very faintly I can detect a silvery-earthy iris note.
Still no wood. :/
And still much too sweet.
22nd October, 2012