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Negative Reviews of Vanilla & Cedarwood by Kiehl's

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I find this a disappointment. The Cedarwood and Vanilla accord doesn't work, I find it too cloying on top and somewhat dull as it dries out. The light touch of Iris doesn't really do anything to help.
12th December, 2012
Well, here I am reviewing a dreaded vanilla scent.
The things I do for Basenotes.
It opens with a sweet vanilla note. No surprise here. The vanilla dominates. I can't detect anything else. Certainly no wood.
A SA told me this is the most popular of the line. Obviously vanilla is a comfort scent for many people. Not me -- it is a discomfort scent.
Eventually, the broad-shouldered and aggressive vanilla steps slightly back, and perhaps very, very faintly I can detect a silvery-earthy iris note.
Still no wood. :/
And still much too sweet.
22nd October, 2012