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Neutral Reviews of Amyris Homme by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

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United Kingdom
The opening is a bright-ish citrus and herbal note that is a tad on the undifferentiated side, and is soon joined by an iris impression that is agreeable not not particularly distinguishing itself.

Later in the drydown the whole combination thins out, and at times it is rather generic and uninspiring. Then, after the first five hours or so, a twist towards the gourmand occurs. It is heralded by a very restrained balsamic note, a darkish-green balsam that is very fine, neither ceremonial nor spicy, and not very medicinal either.

Then a cocoa arrives, later with a light chocolate undertone, and a well-behaved vanilla with a teeny-weeny but of oud - an olfactoric microscope is needed to detect the latter. This is the most convincing part of this product's development, smooth, round, neither cloying nor intrusive - as a matter of fact this always remains a restrained and at times nearly faint fragrance.

I get moderate sillage, a somewhat limited projection and an very impressive eleven hours of
longevity on my skin.

This autumnal scent is a bit of a mixed bag then. At times too generic, and times very well done, especially the second half, which seems to be composed of good-quality ingredients. Overall 2.5/5.
25th July, 2016
Genre: Woody Oriental

The idea of amyris (West Indian sandalwood, elemi) and iris is an interesting one, but the execution here is simply too unrelievedly sweet and foody for me to enjoy. Bright citrus top notes usher in the central elemi and iris accord, which is heavily sweetened with cocoa, coconut, and coffee. The use of balsamic wood and coffee brings to mind Maître Parfumeur et Gantier’s masterful Santal Noble, but that scent is both drier and far less “edible” smelling than Amyris Homme. Powdery sweetness persists through the drydown, which leans heavily on tonka and soft, buttery iris root. Of the listed oudh I sense very little, which is a shame, since its medicinal edge would go far to counterbalance the composition’s borderline cloying sweetness. Gourmand lovers may enjoy this scent more than I do, but I find it one of the less attractive offerings in Francis Kurkdjian’s generally outstanding line.
13th July, 2014
Should be called "Iris Sport"

The tonka/coconut/chocolate make a nice base, but in order to make the woods distinctive they're a bit too dry, which makes the already powdery iris _extremely_ powdery and "puckery" on my skin. In a way, it's almost too simple for my tastes, it isn't very complex or challenging, and subsequently doesn't seem very rewarding... Maybe if there were more soothing rosemary, or more robust tonka, or more captivating mandarin -- but, as it is, it just sort of gives me a headache after awhile... Ultimately, I'm just not a fan...

Pros: Girls Love It!!!
Cons: I don't like girls"

19th July, 2013
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I really wanted to like this more, because when I sprayed it in Bergdorf Goodman it was after a lot of heavy perfumes and I was entranced by how light and sunny Amyris Homme was in comparison.

Trying it today, I have to say that I feel this citrus/chocolate/woody combination is a tune I've heard before...most notably in L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme...but much lighter and with the addition of an aquatic note that, while not unpleasant (and even an exciting idea!), is a little too generic and overshadows the potentially delicious mandarin/cocoa interplay.

The iris in the heart and drydown is nice and dressy-powdery, but also sadly generic, and also overpowered by the synthetic edge that lasts and lasts.

Not my thing, but not a bad scent in general.
10th April, 2013
A exotic fruity floral iris accord that smells like a exotic cocktail you would drink on holiday. It is pretty generic smelling to my nose and not something I would spend money on.
05th April, 2013
Not terribly impressed with this one, and a surprise from Francis Kurkdjian who created one of my favorites, APOM pour homme, and the other great fragrances of this house.

Best part is the opening with a little iris and fruit (reminds me a little of Creed SMW), unfortunately soon after I get generic aquatic sport frag all the way though, nothing repulsive, but again nothing to attract me either. Longevity is good, which I guess is a bonus if you like it too start with.

Pass... and try APOM or Lumiere Noir - they're in a different league...
19th February, 2013
Doesn't smell too bad. Kind of a big pleasant herbed chocolate mandarin thing.
Can't say I like it very much. It's the chocolate. Like somebody laced Clinique Happy with Ghirardelli.
I was surprised Amyris has received such lackluster reviews here. I thought
it would be better liked. Guess I ride with the sheriff's posse on this one.
31st January, 2013
It's so generic smelling for a $2.5/ml cologne! It's like any number of men's fragrances you'd find at Sephora with a butt load of Iso E in it. It reminds me of a slightly better done D&G Light Blue: a Iso E loaded aquatic. It's not bad, per se, but it's too expensive for smelling so generic.
18th January, 2013
Casting aside my somewhat raised expectations at the door, I finally got to test AMYRIS HOMME on skin today only to discover what has got to be one of the most disappointing niche releases of the year. A synthetic WOODY AQUATIC???

Go ahead, break it down as technically as you can manage and it still doesn't change the fact that all we have here is a pricier rehash of a designer staple from the last decade. Bright calone-y tops, scratchy woods in the base. Think Paris Hilton for Men. Azzaro Bright Visit. etc. While I applaud Kurkdjian's master class in the use of unfamiliar combo of novel ingredients to create familiar structures, I certainly won't be getting a decant of this, much less a bottle.

rosemary, mandarin, amyris, Florentine iris, tonka bean absolute, modern woods
20th November, 2012
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United States
Amyris Homme opens with a very fresh light herbal rosemary note coupling with a bright bergamot-like orange citrus giving the scent an overall almost herbal aquatic vibe. The herbal citrus open remains into the early heart notes, before a synthetic dry woody accord from the base starts to peep through and then dominate the scent through the mid-heart notes through the dry-down as the top notes finally disappear, joined by a supporting slightly powdery iris. Projection is below average and longevity is excellent.

Amyris Homme starts out very nice, and its fresh rosemary and citrus opening had me liking the scent from the start... Unfortunately its dreaded synthetic dry-woody accord (almost certainly derived by the use of norlimbanol) dominates the mid-heart through the dry-down, completely ruining the experience, making the scent smell very generic like so many others. Amyris Homme is not a bad composition, but it does not distinguish itself and at its relatively high price per ml that just is not good enough (come to think of it, it is not good enough regardless). Amyris Homme earns a disappointing above average 2.5 to 3 stars out of 5.
27th October, 2012
It has a nice smell, everyone would probably like this (not love because it reminds some generic fresh spicy *cough ysl l'homme* cough fragrances) but what is very surprising for me is, its extreme weakness. A generous application of 10-12 sprays is almost enough to feel it. Impossible to overspray.

It would never justify a full bottle for me and I wonder what was in creator's mind releasing this fragrance.
08th October, 2012