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Positive Reviews of Amyris Homme by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

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If I could give this fragrance 2 thumbs up I would!!

Many have expressed that this is linear, nothing special, generic, even designer resembling, although for some this may be true. For me none of the above entered my thought process. I have never been a fan of Le Male, so I don't get that similarity there either.

I do get a citrusy, slightly musky, sweet fragrance;
Very much so, I get a coconut sweetness, even Iris which gives this a floral (semi-musky) feel; the combination of Tonka bean and Oud really gives Amyris a platform and foundation. This is a very calm/nice masculine fragrance in my opinion.

Looking to experience all that Amyris Homme has to offer in the coming days and I can't wait!!!
14th April, 2018
Reading through the other reviews, I keep seeing 'conventional' and uninspired. This is accurate. It smells nice, clean fresh, citrus. But it smells too boring and generic.
03rd June, 2017
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United States
Fantastic smelling scent that smells like a very well done and crafted designer scent to my nose.

That's not a knock at all, just stating that for a niche offering this is definitely a highly likable, people pleaser type fragrance. I don't usually like to smell too different or avant garde, so I generally don't dabble too much in the niche realm. But this was a wonderful surprise. Sadly, it's only drawback is it's price point.....too much $'s per ml IMHO.
01st June, 2016
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Amyris is probably the most mainstream smelling of any MFK fragrance I've tried, though that's not really a knock against it. It just smells familiar, like you wouldn't be surprised if you found yourself sniffing it on a tester strip somewhere in the mall. It lends itself to the masculine woody/tonka fragrances that have been all over the place for the last several years, but it sets itself apart because it's so much better than most of them. When I apply it, I get a good dose of...amyris (surprise!) and tonka, but I'm also able to pick up on coffee, some chocolate, and iris. What results is a very attractive and well-polished, sweet, masculine fragrance that seems like it would be easy to wear just about anywhere. It's really a very appealing smell, and constructed with a smooth touch. I think it would be great to wear to the office, and even better on a date or for a night out. Whether it's worth the price or not depends on what you're looking for. While you won't be breaking any ground with Amyris, you'll still smell very nice. It's also important to note that after you get over the initial "familiarity" of Amyris, it really takes on its own character and begins to smell like itself. Projection and longevity are good. If you enjoy Amyris but would prefer a cheaper alternative, consider sampling Ambre by Baldessarini, Mankind by Kenneth Cole, or Givenchy Play Intense. They achieve a similar effect at a fraction of the price.

Good stuff.
11th October, 2014
It started with a 1ml sample that I quickly used up inside of a week. As I sadly used up the last drop of the sample, I knew it was bottle time. I understand the reviews that criticize the price considering its underwhelming subtlety. You would think that something so palatable would be inexpensive. However, Amyris Homme is a simple focused luxury. It never turns against me. It never goes wrong. I've never needed to fight it or wait for it to dry down or burn off or dissipate. It's comforting, invigorating, and currently my go-to scent. There's nothing crazy, stunning, or glamorous here. It's all about playing it cool, warm, focused, and confident. In a world of blaring, competitive, clamor, Amyris Homme is just the opposite. I'm glad it's expensive and not popular. I just hope they don't vault it before I can justify another bottle purchase. And lastly, I haven't found something cheaper that has such charm.
19th April, 2014
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United States
after two full wears i got to again admire Kurkdjians' genius. full bottle worthy, great multifaceted scent.
06th March, 2014 (last edited: 10th March, 2014)
What entices me about Amyris Homme is the layering of Oud in between the light, fruity, iris aquatic notes. The oud note is not one dimensional but does a dynamic dance of constantly creeping up and backing away... The fruity, aquatic notes alone are well blended but it is this interplay with the oud that makes this a Kurdijian masterpiece IMHO (contrary to the opinion of the many learned noses on BN).
03rd November, 2013 (last edited: 21st June, 2014)
pink & blue

The gender pairing in perfumery always bothers me.

(product) pour homme

(product) pour femme

My general complaints revolve around mistaking the arbitrary for the essential. Dresses/trousers. Pink/blue. Princess ballerina/andro-jock. It’s all bad fiction to me. Must an idea be tailored in different ways for men and women to understand it? Please don’t feel the need to do it on my account.

Or is it just marketing?

Take a perfume brief. Make two versions of it. Sell one to men and one to women. Is it just a jaded practicality that’s intrinsic to marketing?

Amyris Homme plays with the same set of ideas as Amyris Femme and can be considered its counterpart. They both juggle fruity and woody tones and they both play delicately with convention. Apparently, both the gyno and andro versions are based on torchwood or amyris, some botanical thingamabob that very few people would know of. I suppose it’s the açai berry of perfumey.

Homme is interesting for the way it manages to be sweet and sour at the same time. It feels sugared, not so much a flavor as a degree of sweetness. The sweetness seems like an attempt to compensate for an inherent tartness in the same way that sweet-tea in the American South is so heavily sugared that the tannin of the tea is undetectable.

Like its girly counterpart, the boy Amyris uses fruity, watery, woody scents that are almost melon-like and yet creamy in tone. They come within a hair’s width of a conventional sensibility. It is this nearness to normalcy that makes the two so fascinating. Are they subversive? Are they conventional, giving you what you recognize, but one centimeter beyond what you’ve already experienced? I can’t quite tell.

from scent

27th August, 2013
Light, pleasant and interesting

This is a great fragrance. Not over powering - subtle, smooth and convincing. The tonka bean empowers the other notes to make for a pleasant moment you won't want to fade. Like any fragrance, it will wear differently on different people; it's been a great scent for me.

23rd August, 2013
Don't agree with most of these reviews. I don't find it generic smelling at all. As a matter of fact wearing it, I get ppl coming up to me, men and women, asking me what I'm wearing. Personally I like it as well its light, not too heavy, and its very sophisticated. My only gripe is that I don't really get the mandarin, if it wasn't a listed note, I wouldn't care but because I researched this frag for three months prior to buying, I expected it. I love it and it will be in my summer rotation
30th April, 2013
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United States
Amazing, fresh, sexy scent! Unlike other fresh scents this one actually doesn't fade away quickly. The smell is amazing but you need to be careful with the sprays. just one or 2 sprays will do the trick with this one.
30th January, 2013
Well let me be the first thumbs up. This fragrance smells amazing! I admit, it has a generic vibe, but so what! Just because something is not totally unique does not mean it's not worth having. On the other hand, every "unique" fragrance is not always good. I've learned that the hard way by spending thousands on niche fragrances I don't wear. I'm not saying this is as good as Vintage Tabarome or PPH! Not at all. What I am saying is that this is a sexy, fresh scent made with the highest quality of ingredients!! Many compliments from the ladies.
16th November, 2012