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basically?...this is "Shalimar Pour Homme". A VERY dark, dense, smokey, sumptuous scent. And it reeks of something very personal and sexy. Alluring, is the word, Im reaching for, regarding 'Noir'. Spices, smothered in civet, amber and dark florals. A favorite.
18th November, 2015
After spraying, I mainly get a weak, powdery feel from this scent. I have to admit I was underwhelmed because I expected something more in line with the name of the fragrance. The only dark part of Noir is the patchouli that becomes more pronounced over 1-2 hours in. It's a pleasant patchouli, but not complex, though it's the fragrance's only redeeming note in my opinion, and the only part that really lasts a while.

11th November, 2015
Absolutely great. This fragrance is by far the most delightful I have worn. I couldn't stop smelling myself. It is powdery and dark, yet sweet at the same time. It lasts all day long with one spray. Great for fancy occasions but not for casual use. Save this one for those special moments.
13th September, 2015
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Trail of mystery in the evening air.TOM FORD NOIR is the distinction between the men and the boys.The man wearning this is very sophisticated.It is very sensual as well as manly.Rich,Classy, Powdery,Expensive,warm,Luxurious, Complex and Thoroughly masculine.

Bergamot,violet and pink pepper top notes blend with caraway over a spicy black papperand nutmeg,warmer and mysterious due to bulgarian rose,while a purely sensual base is provided by notes of vanilla,amber and patchouli and a blend of woods that leaves an impression and anyonewearning it will get attention most ladies.

In my opinion this scent is more a orintal spicy than aromatic spicy.This EDP is a perfect blend to wear during special occaasions or evening outings. not the best TOM FORD but it is so nice and if i dident have PRADA AMBER PH INTENSE definitely to buy this one. anyway if you are looking for a scent of confidence,sexiness, and nice clean,manly scent i recommend this one.


Longevity?Very Good on my skin.

11th May, 2015
Well that's the last time I buy before smelling. Crazy how much one can trust a brand name.

This is an inoffensive citrus office-scent that reminds me of a shy Eau Sauvage, or something else needlessly citrusy... like kitchen cleaner. The 'Noir' here is pure Irony; this is a light spritz of lemon water that won't ever offend anyone or turn a head with it's Blink-and-you-miss-it longevity.

L'eau D'issey for the flush poser.
08th May, 2015
I've read the Habit Rouge comparisons and they're on point, but on my skin, this is almost a dead ringer for Burberry Brit for Men. Ugh. Far too sweet for me. Luckily, I just had a Sephora sample and didn't purchase a bottle. I'm wondering how this olfactory monstrosity was developed by the designer of the sensational Gucci Pour Homme.
27th April, 2015
I changed my opinion of TF Noir from neutral to thumbs up. In late spring, my wife surprised me with a bottle of Tom Ford Noir EDP as a gift. She says she tried the fragrance at a retail shop and loved it. The first wearing I thought it was sort of dull and a bit like an elderly face powder, so I didn't wear it for five months through the summer. It's not a hot weather fragrance IMO, but on a rainy cool down day, I decided to give it another go for a semi formal dinner. While it's not a sillage monster, it is a quite refined, modern scent.

To me the main theme is the middle floral notes of iris, geranium and rose. It's got a complex base that reminds me of the creamy vanilla, vetiver and patchouli Chanel Pour Monsieur, and it drifts a bit towards powder, but not elderly as I took in my initial wear.

TF Noir is a fall and winter scent, but highly discreet in sillage and projection. About 5-6 hrs longevity close to the skin, so wear it when you aren't looking for a challenge. Not a mainstay, yet a easy to wear cool weather option.
25th March, 2015 (last edited: 15th August, 2015)
I've been smelling my arm on and off for 2 hours where I sprayed Noir. As others have said, it kicks off very powdery. At one point I thought it seemed like a weaker version of Black Orchid. Definitely similar notes. After a couple of hours, it dries down to something that reminds of growing up. Is the smell of my sisters' Cabbage Patch Kids? Is it the smell of calamine lotion when I got a bug bite? I can't quite place it, but if you know what I'm talking about, you will never be able to wear this.

I don't hate it, but I don't exactly like it and will never have a reason to wear this.
15th March, 2015
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United States
Smells exactly like the Coty Emeraude I used to buy my grandmother for a Christmas/birthday present when I was a kid 35-40 years ago. I don't really want to smell like an old lady.
25th January, 2015
EdP - Good all-round fragrance, if a little better suited to evenings, maybe. Excellent longevity with very good quality ingredients. Very spicy, a little Oriental and very powdery with a lovely dry down. I'm partial to a powdery fragrance - there's something warm and comforting about them - so this one is all good for me.

If you want something higher-end and more interesting, then go for a Private Blend. This is what it is, a good quality, easily wearable men's fragrance. I love it.
24th January, 2015
It starts off chemical then it goes into Habit Rouge territory with the vanilla but more synthetic and more sweet. Since I have Habit Rouge EdP which better it's a no go for me.
07th December, 2014
I tried and tried to get to like Tom Ford's fragrances, without success. Whatever mega-expensive fragrances he's come up with ends up reminding me of something else which has already established its status in the market for long. Tom Ford's "Noir", to my nose, smells simply like a more powdery and somewhat more Oriental (more civet and ambergris?) version of Guerlain's "Habit Rouge" with a hint of "Shalimar". I was hoping it may change on the skin, but all I got after it settled was a lingering scent of Johnson & Johnson's baby powder.... Nothing masculine or sexy about it.
27th November, 2014
disappointing, low sillage and low duration.. Armani Eau de la Nuit revisited!
13th August, 2014
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Dreadful, headache-inducing dreck. You'd think they'd be able to nail the mainstream fragrance considering their altogether more-positive-than-not and occasionally astonishing private label output. In fact, not only does it fail as a mainstream fragrance, it makes me want to reevaluate the Tom Ford line's other work. Surely a fragrance in this position was created to do the opposite.
22nd April, 2014
I hear a lot of people put this tom ford frag down, however I have to disagree. To me this smells of expensive nights out on the town, if you want something that will go well with a suit and a fancy dinner this is what I would choose. Not really a day or summer fragrance but for expensive nights out can't go wrong...unless you spray too much as it can get quite sickly. Very sweet and creamy. The price tag is not too bad for what this is too, great silage and longevity and rich smelling experience.
27th March, 2014
Smells very similar to habit rouge.
22nd March, 2014

I think it’s a safe guess that this is not a selection from Tom Ford’s Private Collection – TF Noir is a competent fragrance but it is quite ordinary and uninspired. Except for the prominent civet, it is early-‘90s fragrance dressed up through the use of higher quality (more natural smelling) materials. The notes themselves are very good; for example, the rose note is one of the better I have experienced in designer level men’s fragrances. The civet note is a very nice blast from the past, but it seems to be rather fly-by. The combinations of iris, opoponax, amber, and vanilla make for a nice powdery effect – very nice if you are into powder. The dominant notes have good projection and longevity.

I think that Tom Ford Noir is a good fragrance: it has some excellent characteristics… particularly in reference to its decent-quality materials and its better than average performance. But I’m not voting thumb’s up because I find it lacking in direction and inspiration.
11th March, 2014
This smells identical to "PS" by Paul Sebastian on my skin. The big difference is that this frag costs A LOT more for a much smaller volume. Although it is very nice, and lasts long, it is not worth the price when compared to the much cheaper alternative.
10th March, 2014
Decent, if unexciting fragrance, most people would like this - smooth bodied creamy vanilla and spicy peppery scent with a very pleasant citrus and patchouli note on top to rough it up a bit. Quite versatile, can be used day or night although I think it probably leans a bit more towards night time. Lasts most of the day on my skin and gets a lot of compliments - I'm just not sure its exciting enough for me.
13th February, 2014
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United States
Yeah, I like this one! It starts with a burst of citrus, but not the standard you're used to smelling. There is a vintage (yet very modern) vibe in there that really comes to the fore in the dry down. Once it settles in you have a great leathery, vetivery, modern-take-on-a-vintage masculine fragrance that isn't quick to fade into the background like a lot of others.

I see what Tom Ford was going for here, and I'm a fan.
25th December, 2013
I can't get enough of this, it's fantastic!

I'm not sure whether I'm missing something,but I think this is amazing! As soon as I sprayed this I bought it on the spot. The opening is fantastic and it just gets better..I do love patchouli which attracted me but wow! Sorry I can't as yet give you all the individual notes and details but I've had so many compliments whilst wearing it, from men and women... Does remind me of another of my favourites, Prada Amber Intense, I'm just happy to have two frags that tick all of my boxes!

Pros: Everything
Cons: Nothing "

27th October, 2013

I own a couple of TF frags and this one is really a let down considering the price.

29th August, 2013
Potent Unisex Fragrance

Tom Ford Noir is an impressive little unisex number for it's development and its tenacity .

It starts leaning towards the masculine with a sharp citrus note, goes through an somewhat powdery Shalimar/ Habit Rouge phase in the middle and ends with amber ,vanilla and a tiny bit of civet which makes its dry down nearly a dupe for Musc Ravageur.

Though marketed to men ,i could see this as being a polarising scent because the dry down is quite distinctive . You will love it or hate it. I think more women than men will probably like Noir. There is nothing that shouts' I am totally male!!!!! ' about Noir by Tom Ford. Instead it says " I am very urban but I am trying to do sophisticated metrosexual or unisexual ."

If you like Obsession by Calvin Klein or MR ,you will like Noir.

Pros: Long lasting
Cons: Not very Original"

12th August, 2013
Another Tom Ford Dudd

I dont know what it is about TOM FORD, that he has to make his TOM FORD line and the Private Collection line so different in terms of worth purchasing. I have tried all of the TOM FORD line fragrances that none of them wow me as much. I have tried and sampled all of the Private Collection and there are alot of them I would lean towards purchasing, i.e Tobacco Vanille, Oud Wood, and Arabian Wood.

Tom Ford Noir is just another TOM FORD dudd. I donot know what too make of this. Now one thing I do like about this fragrance is its Animalistic quality. Other than that, I just wasted $90+ on a fragrance, Im going to have to use as a Bug Spray.

11th August, 2013
Promising opening yields to baby powder drydown

Another tease of a fragrance by Tom Ford! I sampled this one today after the hugely disappointing White Patchouli. The opening notes were complex, earthy, sophisticated. The rose in particular smelled natural, so unlike the synthetic monstrosities from Montale (see Black Aoud).

If only it had remained that way. Alas, this bold and promising opening quickly dried down to pure baby powder. A completely generic, linear, uninteresting baby powder.

What a disappointment.

Pros: beautiful, complex rose-imbued opening
Cons: pure baby powder for the final 3 hours"

10th July, 2013
A disappointment

Someone else mentioned that it smells like "baby wipes" I have to laugh b/c it does smell like spicy/slightly sweet/cheap musk wipes. There are fragrances that may smell good on their own...BUT if it reminds you of something mundane like baby wipes, there is no use trying to like it!

02nd June, 2013
Very dissappointing.... I took it in SkySales while travelling and was unable to test. Spend a lot and gain no real value.
12th March, 2013
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United States
This literally smells like baby wipes...and if you don't know what that smells like, it's basically a mix of baby powder and ointment.
07th March, 2013
An interesting mix of smells. I personally think the notes list is a bit useless at describing what this actually smells like. On me, it's based on that immortelle note made famous by Dior's Eau Noire, with its weird mix of booze, curry, and maple syrup. To that, add some smoky rubber and pie spices from Fahrenheit, and top it off with some vaguely powdery flowers. Given time, the rubbery notes fade and some dark greens come in, but it does feel fairly linear.

I can see why some people just don't like this - it's miles away from the typical aquatic dreck, and it's frankly a bit weird. In true Tom Ford fashion, it manages to take some smells that really shouldn't work together and somehow makes them pleasant, though it hasn't won me over enough to want a full bottle.
05th March, 2013
Guerlain's Habit Rouge in a modern habit. The typical floral-dirty note of Habit Rouge is toned down, but the powdery remains. The citrus opening is also toned down, instead replaced by a darker, medicinal-herbal opening.
20th February, 2013