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Neutral Reviews of Tom Ford Noir by Tom Ford

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This is OK.... Above average, better than some other designer frags out there.... But it isn't ground breaking. Pleasant and poudary... I do like the dry down too.

It is acceptable. But there are some better fragrances out there for my taste at the price I paid.

Scent 5-10
Longevity 6-10
Sillage 5-10
08th February, 2018
Tom Ford's homage to Guerlain's Heritage. Get the original.
23rd July, 2017
I understand the Habit Rouge comparisons, but everything is so harsh and synthetic. I don't get "notes", especially in the opening. I get a blast of green medicinal chemically whatever. The drydown isn't so bad, which is why this review is neutral instead of negative. It isn't so great either.
24th August, 2016
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O.K. I get it... I realize that I will never find the one scent that is an "End all be all" scent for me... I have tried but once again I am struck with something that is common to a few scents already on the market. I do find this to be a quality scent with great longevity and projection. It's very similar to Habit Rouge Eau de Parfum released in 2003 by Guerlain. I mean if you don't own Habit Rouge EDP then this would be a good alternative by HR EDP is better. Worn 3 times and already sold the Tom Ford to a coworker. Never to be a blind buyer again... and this time I mean it lol
17th June, 2016
After spraying, I mainly get a weak, powdery feel from this scent. I have to admit I was underwhelmed because I expected something more in line with the name of the fragrance. The only dark part of Noir is the patchouli that becomes more pronounced over 1-2 hours in. It's a pleasant patchouli, but not complex. This one has grown on me over the months, however. It's a good overall scent, but it's missing some oomph. I don't see the point in buying it when you can get Habit Rouge, which this is a clear copy of. Habit Rouge is more complex and satisfying.

11th November, 2015 (last edited: 13th September, 2016)
Smells very similar to habit rouge.
22nd March, 2014

I think it’s a safe guess that this is not a selection from Tom Ford’s Private Collection – TF Noir is a competent fragrance but it is quite ordinary and uninspired. Except for the prominent civet, it is early-‘90s fragrance dressed up through the use of higher quality (more natural smelling) materials. The notes themselves are very good; for example, the rose note is one of the better I have experienced in designer level men’s fragrances. The civet note is a very nice blast from the past, but it seems to be rather fly-by. The combinations of iris, opoponax, amber, and vanilla make for a nice powdery effect – very nice if you are into powder. The dominant notes have good projection and longevity.

I think that Tom Ford Noir is a good fragrance: it has some excellent characteristics… particularly in reference to its decent-quality materials and its better than average performance. But I’m not voting thumb’s up because I find it lacking in direction and inspiration.
11th March, 2014
This smells identical to "PS" by Paul Sebastian on my skin. The big difference is that this frag costs A LOT more for a much smaller volume. Although it is very nice, and lasts long, it is not worth the price when compared to the much cheaper alternative.
10th March, 2014

I own a couple of TF frags and this one is really a let down considering the price.

29th August, 2013
Potent Unisex Fragrance

Tom Ford Noir is an impressive little unisex number for it's development and its tenacity .

It starts leaning towards the masculine with a sharp citrus note, goes through an somewhat powdery Shalimar/ Habit Rouge phase in the middle and ends with amber ,vanilla and a tiny bit of civet which makes its dry down nearly a dupe for Musc Ravageur.

Though marketed to men ,i could see this as being a polarising scent because the dry down is quite distinctive . You will love it or hate it. I think more women than men will probably like Noir. There is nothing that shouts' I am totally male!!!!! ' about Noir by Tom Ford. Instead it says " I am very urban but I am trying to do sophisticated metrosexual or unisexual ."

If you like Obsession by Calvin Klein or MR ,you will like Noir.

Pros: Long lasting
Cons: Not very Original"

12th August, 2013
Another Tom Ford Dudd

I dont know what it is about TOM FORD, that he has to make his TOM FORD line and the Private Collection line so different in terms of worth purchasing. I have tried all of the TOM FORD line fragrances that none of them wow me as much. I have tried and sampled all of the Private Collection and there are alot of them I would lean towards purchasing, i.e Tobacco Vanille, Oud Wood, and Arabian Wood.

Tom Ford Noir is just another TOM FORD dudd. I donot know what too make of this. Now one thing I do like about this fragrance is its Animalistic quality. Other than that, I just wasted $90+ on a fragrance, Im going to have to use as a Bug Spray.

11th August, 2013
Promising opening yields to baby powder drydown

Another tease of a fragrance by Tom Ford! I sampled this one today after the hugely disappointing White Patchouli. The opening notes were complex, earthy, sophisticated. The rose in particular smelled natural, so unlike the synthetic monstrosities from Montale (see Black Aoud).

If only it had remained that way. Alas, this bold and promising opening quickly dried down to pure baby powder. A completely generic, linear, uninteresting baby powder.

What a disappointment.

Pros: beautiful, complex rose-imbued opening
Cons: pure baby powder for the final 3 hours"

10th July, 2013
Guerlain's Habit Rouge in a modern habit. The typical floral-dirty note of Habit Rouge is toned down, but the powdery remains. The citrus opening is also toned down, instead replaced by a darker, medicinal-herbal opening.
20th February, 2013
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United Kingdom
Caraway, gentle pepper with a touch of bergamot and a flowery note stRt it off, to be followed NY opoponax, amber and a touch if civet in the drydown. Is never develops great projection on my skin, and after the first couple of hours remains close to my skin. Someone unexciting, but it lasts up to five hours overall.
07th December, 2012
A very fancy smelling baby powder...................
13th November, 2012
I so wanted to love this new scent but was disappointed.

Nice? Yes. But it did not grab me like his Tobacco Vanille or Tuscan Leather, or even Neroli Portofino. I was not grabbed at the top notes and lost interest. I would stick to my Black Orchid, which interested me in the top notes and let me explore all the way down to the base.

In all, a rather average offering despite the enchanting name. The word "noir" seems all the rage now.
09th November, 2012
Testing Tom Ford Noir in the Doha's International Airport I've found out a generic dark-violety, dusty/peppery cloud characterized by a gloomy/opaque ambery patchouli and a laundry violet/iris/geranium becoming powdery going on with the development. The juice owns a musky/vanillic/green soul and a sort of almost rubbery vibe with a touch of suede . Assertive. The violet is notable to me as well as the initial laundriness becoming dark powder. A really misty and enigmatic fragrance, a bit generic in the olfactory woody/violety/resinous approach but interesting for the ghosts of the darkness. I've heard about some comparisons with Habit Rouge and i say, please, do not curse, the HR's natural baroque complexity (I'm refering to the vintage one) is light years far from here while I'd say that this scent conjures me indeed far more Prada Amber Homme Intense.
Testing it again later effectively I catch several conjurations about Habit Rouge (amber, bergamot, patchouli, rose/geranium, woody and resinous notes, spices etc). I would talk about a slightly darker but far less sumptuous and complex kind of Habit Rouge with a sort of almost rubbery background, which presses the accelerator over a dark and animalic ambery side.
21st October, 2012 (last edited: 21st May, 2015)
The first Tom Ford offering I've sampled. It was spicy and kind of "noiry" and the ingredients were obviously top notch...
But I just wasn't really moved in any way. I'm sure some of Ford's prior offerings are fantastic, but this seems so been there, smelled that. I think Ford is all ready going overboard as far as output. Overextending himself as it were. I think quality and especially originality start to drop off when this happens. And his company isn't even ten years old yet, is it?
Chillax Tom. You're fabulous all ready. We know.
19th October, 2012
Powdery Iris and violet on a bed of peppery geranium and patchouli is what I mainly getting from this latest offering from Tom Ford. I can pick up slight hints of vanille/amber within the mix as well but just slightly.

I have to say I am not that impressed and was expecting so much more from Tom Ford, not bottle worthy for me.
25th September, 2012