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Neutral Reviews of Fan di Fendi pour Homme by Fendi

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What a pleasant surprise after the over rated Life Essence.
This one has a fresh ish spicy opening and settles into Cardamon, woody with a hint of pepper (but only a hint so it does not get up your nose) middle and stays there.
It is nice enough with some depth, but nothing to write home about.
It is a non committal scent. You'd probably wear it where you want to be polite just so without the wish to get particularly close such as meeting an ex or going out with some of your wives less interesting friends or mother-in-law.
As such its not for me as I would never let my standards drop so if I want not to be totally irresistible I would not wear anything at all.
You can see from my ratings that this fragrance just misses the mark. Shame.

Fragrance: 3.25/5
Projection: 3.5/5
Longevity: 4/5
04th February, 2018
Great looking bottle, great packaging..
Good winter fragrance if you love musk and woods.

Was too musky for me, smells similar to
The discontinued Fendi UOMO
31st January, 2013
Frankly a real disaster. A chemical mess featuring pungent peppery/hesperidic patterns over an insecticid kind of woody/gassy base plus rough synthetic leather and patchouli. Try to compare it with the great Azzaro Pour Homme, placing all at once one on the left wrist and the other on the right one, you will be shocked by the difference of quality between the old olfactory tradition and the new shameless "fragrantic" nuclear/atomic experiments.
To be honest my first spidy evaluation was too much severe and probably a bit "misleaded" due the excess of fragrances I use to test at the same time in some occasion. First of all the aroma is not such an exciting one or something vaguely intriguing me but i have to say that along my second test it does not appear so "toxic", Fan di Fendi Pour Homme is a pale contemporary woody/leather with no force or vitality, I detect a touch of tobacco (vague conjuration about Burberry London for Men) at least it seems, I feel the cardamom and some red fruits while the disturbing initial effect tends to tame down as soon as the first woody/spicy blast morphs towards a soft fruity leather with musky accents. Rating 5/10.
23rd January, 2013 (last edited: 05th November, 2016)
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The card on the sample vial identifies "tangerine from Sicily" as the citrus and "cedarwood from Texas" as the wood.
Sweet opening, quite sweet. Sugary. Some lemony citrus notes as well.
Spices are more evident than the herbal notes.
As the sweetness burns off, the wood notes start to appear. They are OK, nothing amazing and are not very woody.
Don't get any leather but I'm not a fan of leather anyway.
This is a decent scent, acceptable if you like things slightly on the sweet side.
Seems generic to me, nothing special to stand out.
18th October, 2012