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Positive Reviews of Biblioteca de Babel by Fueguia

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Strangely familiar yet, I've never sampled this before. Deep wood and spices. Later, there is an oddness like, curry-spiced cuisine. I like this and yet I don't. It's just odd.

Later it mellows into a nutty wood accord. A maple sugar incense vibe. Worth trying for its unique transformations.
29th October, 2018
If there is a fragance that explains perfectly what WARM means, is this one. Not too sweet, not vanilla-ish, not overwhelming. Just perfect.
I got a sample and i HAD to use a little bit everyday on the back of my hand to take it with me. I just cant stop smelling it, its really addictive.
I find it a very masculine scent. A very elegant and classy masculine scent actually.
Upon application you get some spicyness, but not pungent. After a few minutes you get a very cozy, warm and slightly sweet gourmand feeling from the cinnamon, yet not edible, just... inviting.
The dry down is INCREDIBLE. You get a more smokey and oriental aspect that had been hidding there all the time but you couldnt just recognize it. If ther is one thing in particular I love about this fragance is its development. Unlike many modern perfumes, its not like a linear photography, but more like an evolving, complex movie.

To me it brings images of a very old, victorian library, decorated in bordeaux velvet with a warm subtle light. Smelling of antique wooden furniture, old books, some rhum and oriental spices.

Definitely my so far favorite scent from this house (I must say i like this house a lot)
29th May, 2014