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Positive Reviews of Benevolence by House of Sillage

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One of the most beautiful orange blossom based fragrance that I've ever smelled.

It truly smells like sunshine and holidays. Amazing.
07th March, 2019
Sugared Almond Bon Bon

Well, Benevolence is a feel good perfume. The name fits. It is basically a creamy italian sugared almond bon bon scent - very similar in smell to

Hilde Soliani 's Conafetto . Very close. Though I would say Benevolence has more heft, sillage and tenacity . It is also relatively more expensive and its concentration is parfum extrait.

Benevolence could also be an ice cream soda scent with a dollop of vanilla ice cream on top ,fizzying gently into the drink .

It is a very good fragrance .This is another House of Sillage scent that melds into skin and does not sit on top of it.

The orange blossom ,almond ,jasmine and vanilla are the most prominent notes but all is well blended. The lavender is hardly there .

I do find it interesting that almond - vanilla can take 2 directions in perfumery .

1. The benevolent/ happy route as in this scent.

2.The dangerous sexy vixen route - as in Hypnotic Poison . Both contain many similar notes .

4 stars for Benevolence. I like it greatly.

Pros: Beautiful
Cons: Price"

06th September, 2013