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Reviews of G. Bellini X-Bolt by Lidl

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This is a VERY GOOD clone of Boss Bottled. It differs only slightly in that the musk is not as full or as soft as in BB so therefore the longevity is slightly shorter but in all other respects it is pretty much identical...and for £4 who can argue with that?

An absolute bargain and a respectable scent.
06th May, 2016
G. Bellini No. 1 is absolutely a very good perfume. It's very similar to Paco Rabanne One Million (in fact it has its same fragrance), but it uses a different bottle and it absolutely very cheap than Rabanne's luxury perfume.
24th May, 2015
Don't like this out at all. Gave me head aches from the first use. I have the same problem with Boss Bottled and other heavy sandalwood fragrances. The good part is the price, had no problems throwing it out after one use.
07th April, 2015
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Generally well perceived in try-outs, I have stuck with this as a cheap and cheerful daytime refreshment. Only at Lidls, priced like a grocery - even better when on half price offer - it has a Hugo Boss character, but I also like that it's a convenient fine spray, not a splash. To be honest, I keep some in the spare loo for pretty indiscriminate use when I want a post-handwash lift that leaves me and the environment sweeter. Quite lasting, actually, not heavy and doesn't scream cheap at you too loudly.
18th July, 2014
I wondered if a citrus/tarragon/apple fragrance would leave me smelling like a marinated pork chop, but the woody/vanilla base stops that happening. It's a nice sent and a real bargain, you could pay a lot more to smell a lot worse.

I have been led to believe that G. Bellini X-Bolt smells very similar to Boss Bottled, but since I haven't smelled the latter recently I can't confirm that.
20th January, 2013 (last edited: 21st January, 2013)
Very cheap and cloying fragrance. It can easily give you a migraine!
14th November, 2012