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Starts out with a citrus and Vetiver combination that is very nice. As it calms down you get a subtle and light wood vibe. The Vetiver remains throughout the fragrance. 8/10
30th September, 2017
For me, this is the most wearable vetiver that I've tried. Has some sweetness to please other noses. The woody notes give it that masculine edge and the vetiver freshens everything up. Love the use of violet too.

Excellent performance. Lasts all day and projects nicely. You can smell it all day coming off your skin and don't have to worry about stinking up a room. Not nuclear strength, but just enough to get noticed.
02nd August, 2017
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United Kingdom
I have received a very comprehensive sample pack from Atelier Cologne - recommended!

The first fragrance tested is Vetiver Fatale.

What I mainly get is a sweet, dry, fruity concoction. As a real vetiver fan I was disappointed not to detect any! I remember reading reviews saying plum and possibly fig, so these soft fruits are where my mind is lead. This one leans feminine to me. It has the kind of powdery dryness that sucks away the moisture from the back of your throat, almost a tropical toasted coconut feel. Somewhat linear. With a creamy, suntan lotion thickness

Overall 62 out of 100. I would place this along with Philosykos, and penhaligons Endymion. Quality frags, but just not quite my style.
16th July, 2017
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I felt that some of the negative reviews missed the point of this fragrance. Often "fatale" seems to reference an overdose of an element, like a wallop to the noise. In this case, I feel the vetiver is literally dying - held in suspended animation on a last breath, close to the skin (all of its smoke highlighted by a slightly plastic oud). Violets form a sphere for those in the personal space not invited closer. An ephemeral plum sits further away, austere enough for strangers. For Epinette, it bares striking resemblance to the tricks he used in his collaboration for Oribe (i feel a better realised scent). I would caution against excessive iso-E; it can become overwhelming on my skin. Some days I love this scent. Other days I wonder why I bought it. Probably the sign of a good creation;)
08th July, 2017
I wanted to try this for so long, I finally blind bought a decant.. and here are my thoughts. Green Irish Tweed meets Vetiver Tonka. It's uncanny. It's not sweet like Vetiver Tonka though, it's more on the green aromatic side.

All in all though, I feel it comes off smelling as little bit plasticy, which ruins a potential thumbs up for me. I think it's a try hard vetiver, and I see why it doesn't get much love from vetiver fans. Although it isn't bad, it isn't good either. Middle of the road mehh.
25th June, 2017
Atelier Cologne Vetiver Fatal is very reminiscent of Byredo Bal D'Afrique and Westbrook due to the common groupings of citrus, violet, and vetiver, to the point that I'd insist that someone try all three before making up their minds to buy any of them. As I've opted for Westbrook already, which I feel has a bit more allure to it anyway, I certainly wouldn't need to pull the trigger on Vetiver Fatal, but Vetiver Fatal is a nice fragrance in its own right--fresh and sweet due to the citrus, demure with the floral of the violet, and grounded in the earthy vetiver. An interesting try with well above average perforamnce for an Atelier, this is sure to make it to many's "top 10 vetiver" lists, and is a nice departure from the overly-fresh and short-lived trends of the house.

Standard retail pricing is $130 for 100ml, but it's seemingly widely available on discount sites, on FragranceNet for $116 for 100ml and even just $122 for 200ml, so there are deals to be had, but not by me, as I'm content with Westbrook and without Bal D'Afrique.

7 out of 10
03rd June, 2016
Vetiver Fatal is a vetiver based fragrance, rather than a pure vetiver scent. Opens with plum and violet notes over a vetiver and cedar base. The plum and violet stay prominent throughout and the fragrance develops only minimally. Seems sophisticated and refined and really is unlike any other fragrance I'm familiar with. Even if you own several vetiver scents, VF is unique enough to fit your collection. Very nice to wear, and offers great versatility in all but the most formal of occasions. Easily unisex with average sillage, but excellent longevity.
18th March, 2016
I fell in love with Atelier after stumbling across their boutique in Manhattan. And was rewarded with a small bottle of this. It is green and fruity, and the perfumer's use of violet leaf is exceptional. While I don't find this to represent true vetiver sufficiently enough to name it so, I love it nonetheless.
It remains sweet throughout the day, with elements of sweet (not cloyingly so) preserved plum and earthy wood.
19th February, 2016
Not a true vetiver scent.

It is more of a fresh if slightly fruity-floral take on citrusy-green sub-genre with orange blossoms, violet leaf, and a hint of woods. Unlike many of the Ateliers, Vetiver Fatal seems to have a little more development and movement, especially in the first half an hour which works a treat. Unfortunately it flattens out all too soon to a soft almost nondescript semi-citrusy skin scent, in line with the house understated style. A mildly creamy vetiver makes its appearance only in the drydown.
28th May, 2015 (last edited: 29th May, 2015)
Vetiver Fatal is a delicious, fresh and invigorating fragrance. At first spray I detect some vetiver with fruity/citrus notes. The dry down is a creamy vetiver like none other. I love the way Atelier Cologne mixes the vetiver with the citruses. Usually vetiver based fragrances are bold and earthy. This one is not and I love it.
13th March, 2015
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United Kingdom
Well -- I'm a sucker for plum and I could detect it straight away.

The fragrance is basically a fruity wood, but it has a 'freshness' that appeals to me -- that clean/sweet sort of way vetiver is done by Lubin and others rather than the bitter green version of Tauer, etc.

I like it a lot but I can understand 'vetiver' lovers shying away.
24th February, 2015
The "Fruity" Vetiver...

Vetiver Fatal by is a wonderfully sweet, plummy vetiver. It's not dry or too harsh like a lot of other vetiver fragrances, instead it's lush and sweet and fruity. Very nice!

It opens with a beautiful mix of citrus and violet leaf, giving a very "wet" impression, but is swiftly joined by a very sweet, juicy, almost "stewed" plum accord. The use of plum here is very nice as I don't see this note a lot in fragrances. It combines with the vetiver and stops it becoming too dry or too green. The greenness is still there, but it's sweeter (like a sweet, ripe plum), and in no way is it artificial.

Basically the impression I get is of a field in May where plum trees are growing nearby, and you can smell the grass and earth and hay, before going over to the tree and picking the fruit, which is full of (natural) sweetness, no artificial sugar, just a pure natural one... and it's like closing your eyes and smelling the plum, before putting it in your mouth and tasting the sweetness. This is the impression I get from this one. The smells of the sweet fruits of nature.

I think that maybe if you dislike very sharp, green fragrances and are looking for something a little "sweeter", then try this one out. I also think that if you have been trying vetiver fragrances and didn't find the right one for you, then give this one a try. I think that even a vetiver lover would like this one as it is a very playful, casual fragrance, but which can be worn in formal occasions too (basically anywhere). A lovely fragrance which reminds me of nature at it's finest. Good stuff!
05th December, 2014
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United Kingdom
This has some harmonious notes that I like - violet, vetiver and plum.

The usual citrus top notes apply - which fade after 15 minutes or so. The violet is very prominent, and actually drowns out anything else for the rest of the show. All I can smell for the next 3 hours or so is violet, violet and more violet.

Now, I like violet as much as the next man but on its own it is literally, monotonous. There is a skin-close, sweet green tinge towards the latter half but that's all. I washed my hands (unintentionally) and only then could I detect a thin, sour oud-type note.

It reminds me of Fahrenheit Aqua, but is heavier on the violet. FA does have some appreciable vetiver but that whole scent surfs on a wave of iso-E.

Mild sillage, moderate longevity. If only I could detect some plum and more vetiver, I would be happy.

Vetiver Fatal? No. Vetiver Infinitesimal, more like.
18th September, 2014
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Opens with a fleeting moment of sparkle (presumably the citrus), which almost immediately turns into candied fruit on me. Sometimes the candied fruit gives me wisps of green, a flash of soft mintiness, a tease that there may be something earthy and grounded underneath. However, I've been wearing slightly-complicated candied fruit (if you like candied fruit, possibly an attractive candied fruit) for almost an hour and it hasn't gone away, so I'll be washing this off.
28th July, 2014
This is one of the best from the brand and I quite enjoyed smelling it on my skin.
A different take on vetiver note that I believe is successful.
The opening is a semi fresh, woody, fruity and earthy scent that is quite pleasant and charming.
There is sweet fruity plum note and there is noticeable amount of vetiver note beside it that both together creating is sweet fruity, yet rooty and earthy scent. I can smell some citruses in the background that they are not up front, but they are strong enough to give the start of the fragrance a semi fresh and tart aroma.
I can smell some woods specially oud beside all these notes that give the scent more depth and also dark masculine feeling.
After about 5 minutes or so, the fresh citruses are gone and I can smell sweet yummy plum note with earthy/rooty vetiver and some woods in the background.
The woods are always in the background but they play a successful role in masculine side of the scent, also the vetiver!
If you like fragrances like "Armani Code" and you want something with almost the same DNA (not the same smell!) but much better quality and more complex scent, give this one a try. there is a high chance that you like this one even more!
Projection is strong and longevity is around 7-8 hours on my skin.
Good one!
27th April, 2014
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United States
fruity fresh, and yea like someone said maybe a fruit salad. in the introduction im feeling its a scent for the ladies. later in the dry down I feel vetiver fatal attempting to man up with vetiver and touch of vanilla
26th February, 2014
A whispy, disconnected jumble (with no Vetiver)

Right away you get the "bitter orange," the "wood," and some vanilla/sweet.

The citrus hangs around for a while, which is really the only positive point imho. Wearing this in summer, smelling like "sweet, bitter orange" isn't terrible. Although I would say that the citrus mix is almost leaves you with more of a "red grapefruit" impression. Oh well. Doesn't matter.

It's very top-heavy. No real bottom to speak of.

The real miss here is that you can imagine how this would've worked better. In theory, the elements are not wholly incompatible. It's just odd how they play out in reality. They never quite meld, or even mingle. Notes like shy teenagers at a sadie hawkins dance.

Perhaps that's why the mid-top is the actual focus here. After all, you have to have a focus of some sort. It just seems the citrus got that honor by default.

The saving grace here is that Atelier does seem to use more "natural" ingredients. So at least the citrus smells real, and refreshing.

My main issue with this (and other frags) is the name. While I would never buy something without smelling it (and hopefully wearing it), if you name something "Vetiver" I contend that it better damned well have some Vetiver in it.

Yes. Vetiver is hard to work with. It's complex, and opinionated. It has baggage. But when a frag house with some talent (like this one) does a "Vetiver" I expect it, at the very least, to nod in that direction. This frag does no nodding.

Many of Atelier's other offerings are fabulous. I'll be skipping this one.

Pros: Not offensive
Cons: Disperate, confused"

01st August, 2013
Fruit salad with marshmallows

This smells like a nice fruit salad, with marshmallows sitting in a bowl on a blanket in a mowed yard. It smells nice, but a little too fruity for me.

20th July, 2013
fruity, nutty vetiver<p><p> Here we are again. Another Atelier Cologne fragrance that starts very pleasant, brilliant, quite surprising: fruity- pineapple, grapefruit, almost caramelized nutty notes that envelop a clean and fresh vetiver. After an hour or so, however, the fragrance turns rather banal, at least to my nose. It seems to slump on a woody, slightly bitter base that I guess is widely and commonly used in many mainstream fragrances (i.e. it's the smell that remains in the elevator of my apartment house after my sixth floor neighbour has used it!). Given the price of this line, I'd expect something more... original.<p>
15th June, 2013 (last edited: 11th December, 2013)
Vetyver Fatal Nice frag! The drydown is amazing.
14th May, 2013
You have to wait at least an hour, maybe two, before the fruit salad begins to subside and you begin to smell the vetiver. The transition from fruit to vetiver is gradual and gentle, masterfully orchestrated. But at some point several hours later the fruit is gone and the vetiver is left on its own, still trying to hum the harmony all alone. And it's not a good solo. It's raspy and sharp. I wish it had been a softer. If you like your vetiver on the slightly raspy side, you might like the ultimate dry-down on this one. I liked the point about an hour and a half in when the fruit, vetiver and oud were all in perfect balance. It was spectacular.
26th April, 2013
Well, maybe I'm crazy but I expect a scent named "Vetiver Fatal" to (a) have some vetiver and (b) at least be interesting if not fatal, dangerous or edgy.
This is a very bland scent. Some citrus and other fruits. Is there vetiver? Perhaps if I use my imagination I could detect some grassy notes... but it calls for rather hard-working exercise in imagination. The dry-down is somewhat bright and fresh. Perhaps there is a synthetic oud contributing that.
Really, there's nothing special here to recommend or to slam.
06th April, 2013
Vetiver Fatal is somewhat a fruity vetiver.
This scent has a wonderful delopment in the skin.
Opens with a blast of citric tones with a sweet plum note that remains for about 1 hour.
Then it slowly turns into a fresh vetiver, that's in the middle of Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver and Sycomore.
Not very sweet, neither so dry, but actually a creamy vetiver.
Also Vetiver Fatal is far away from those dark vetiver scents like Encre Noire and Guerlain's Vetiver Extreme.
It's a very well balanced blend, with medium sillage and soft projection.
Deserves at least a try.
04th March, 2013
Very strong. Smell like many things with a touch of vetiver. Didn't like it.
31st October, 2012
Not bad perfume, a bit lack of real personality, nice though.
Very nice topnotes, not shadowing the Oud and the Cedar, which come through right away, which is quite unusual but nice. Elegant perfume, a "everyday" "no worries" one.
20th October, 2012