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Negative Reviews of Vétiver Fatal by Atelier Cologne

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United Kingdom
This has some harmonious notes that I like - violet, vetiver and plum.

The usual citrus top notes apply - which fade after 15 minutes or so. The violet is very prominent, and actually drowns out anything else for the rest of the show. All I can smell for the next 3 hours or so is violet, violet and more violet.

Now, I like violet as much as the next man but on its own it is literally, monotonous. There is a skin-close, sweet green tinge towards the latter half but that's all. I washed my hands (unintentionally) and only then could I detect a thin, sour oud-type note.

It reminds me of Fahrenheit Aqua, but is heavier on the violet. FA does have some appreciable vetiver but that whole scent surfs on a wave of iso-E.

Mild sillage, moderate longevity. If only I could detect some plum and more vetiver, I would be happy.

Vetiver Fatal? No. Vetiver Infinitesimal, more like.
18th September, 2014
A whispy, disconnected jumble (with no Vetiver)

Right away you get the "bitter orange," the "wood," and some vanilla/sweet.

The citrus hangs around for a while, which is really the only positive point imho. Wearing this in summer, smelling like "sweet, bitter orange" isn't terrible. Although I would say that the citrus mix is almost leaves you with more of a "red grapefruit" impression. Oh well. Doesn't matter.

It's very top-heavy. No real bottom to speak of.

The real miss here is that you can imagine how this would've worked better. In theory, the elements are not wholly incompatible. It's just odd how they play out in reality. They never quite meld, or even mingle. Notes like shy teenagers at a sadie hawkins dance.

Perhaps that's why the mid-top is the actual focus here. After all, you have to have a focus of some sort. It just seems the citrus got that honor by default.

The saving grace here is that Atelier does seem to use more "natural" ingredients. So at least the citrus smells real, and refreshing.

My main issue with this (and other frags) is the name. While I would never buy something without smelling it (and hopefully wearing it), if you name something "Vetiver" I contend that it better damned well have some Vetiver in it.

Yes. Vetiver is hard to work with. It's complex, and opinionated. It has baggage. But when a frag house with some talent (like this one) does a "Vetiver" I expect it, at the very least, to nod in that direction. This frag does no nodding.

Many of Atelier's other offerings are fabulous. I'll be skipping this one.

Pros: Not offensive
Cons: Disperate, confused"

01st August, 2013
Well, maybe I'm crazy but I expect a scent named "Vetiver Fatal" to (a) have some vetiver and (b) at least be interesting if not fatal, dangerous or edgy.
This is a very bland scent. Some citrus and other fruits. Is there vetiver? Perhaps if I use my imagination I could detect some grassy notes... but it calls for rather hard-working exercise in imagination. The dry-down is somewhat bright and fresh. Perhaps there is a synthetic oud contributing that.
Really, there's nothing special here to recommend or to slam.
06th April, 2013
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Very strong. Smell like many things with a touch of vetiver. Didn't like it.
31st October, 2012