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Neutral Reviews of Vétiver Fatal by Atelier Cologne

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United Kingdom
I have received a very comprehensive sample pack from Atelier Cologne - recommended!

The first fragrance tested is Vetiver Fatale.

What I mainly get is a sweet, dry, fruity concoction. As a real vetiver fan I was disappointed not to detect any! I remember reading reviews saying plum and possibly fig, so these soft fruits are where my mind is lead. This one leans feminine to me. It has the kind of powdery dryness that sucks away the moisture from the back of your throat, almost a tropical toasted coconut feel. Somewhat linear. With a creamy, suntan lotion thickness

Overall 62 out of 100. I would place this along with Philosykos, and penhaligons Endymion. Quality frags, but just not quite my style.
16th July, 2017
I wanted to try this for so long, I finally blind bought a decant.. and here are my thoughts. Green Irish Tweed meets Vetiver Tonka. It's uncanny. It's not sweet like Vetiver Tonka though, it's more on the green aromatic side.

All in all though, I feel it comes off smelling as little bit plasticy, which ruins a potential thumbs up for me. I think it's a try hard vetiver, and I see why it doesn't get much love from vetiver fans. Although it isn't bad, it isn't good either. Middle of the road mehh.
25th June, 2017
Not a true vetiver scent.

It is more of a fresh if slightly fruity-floral take on citrusy-green sub-genre with orange blossoms, violet leaf, and a hint of woods. Unlike many of the Ateliers, Vetiver Fatal seems to have a little more development and movement, especially in the first half an hour which works a treat. Unfortunately it flattens out all too soon to a soft almost nondescript semi-citrusy skin scent, in line with the house understated style. A mildly creamy vetiver makes its appearance only in the drydown.
28th May, 2015 (last edited: 29th May, 2015)
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Opens with a fleeting moment of sparkle (presumably the citrus), which almost immediately turns into candied fruit on me. Sometimes the candied fruit gives me wisps of green, a flash of soft mintiness, a tease that there may be something earthy and grounded underneath. However, I've been wearing slightly-complicated candied fruit (if you like candied fruit, possibly an attractive candied fruit) for almost an hour and it hasn't gone away, so I'll be washing this off.
28th July, 2014
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United States
fruity fresh, and yea like someone said maybe a fruit salad. in the introduction im feeling its a scent for the ladies. later in the dry down I feel vetiver fatal attempting to man up with vetiver and touch of vanilla
26th February, 2014
Fruit salad with marshmallows

This smells like a nice fruit salad, with marshmallows sitting in a bowl on a blanket in a mowed yard. It smells nice, but a little too fruity for me.

20th July, 2013
fruity, nutty vetiver<p><p> Here we are again. Another Atelier Cologne fragrance that starts very pleasant, brilliant, quite surprising: fruity- pineapple, grapefruit, almost caramelized nutty notes that envelop a clean and fresh vetiver. After an hour or so, however, the fragrance turns rather banal, at least to my nose. It seems to slump on a woody, slightly bitter base that I guess is widely and commonly used in many mainstream fragrances (i.e. it's the smell that remains in the elevator of my apartment house after my sixth floor neighbour has used it!). Given the price of this line, I'd expect something more... original.<p>
15th June, 2013 (last edited: 11th December, 2013)
You have to wait at least an hour, maybe two, before the fruit salad begins to subside and you begin to smell the vetiver. The transition from fruit to vetiver is gradual and gentle, masterfully orchestrated. But at some point several hours later the fruit is gone and the vetiver is left on its own, still trying to hum the harmony all alone. And it's not a good solo. It's raspy and sharp. I wish it had been a softer. If you like your vetiver on the slightly raspy side, you might like the ultimate dry-down on this one. I liked the point about an hour and a half in when the fruit, vetiver and oud were all in perfect balance. It was spectacular.
26th April, 2013