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Positive Reviews of Vétiver Fatal by Atelier Cologne

Vetiver Fatal is a delicious, fresh and invigorating fragrance. At first spray I detect some vetiver with fruity/citrus notes. The dry down is a creamy vetiver like none other. I love the way Atelier Cologne mixes the vetiver with the citruses. Usually vetiver based fragrances are bold and earthy. This one is not and I love it.
13th March, 2015
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United Kingdom
Well -- I'm a sucker for plum and I could detect it straight away.

The fragrance is basically a fruity wood, but it has a 'freshness' that appeals to me -- that clean/sweet sort of way vetiver is done by Lubin and others rather than the bitter green version of Tauer, etc.

I like it a lot but I can understand 'vetiver' lovers shying away.
24th February, 2015
The "Fruity" Vetiver...

Vetiver Fatal by is a wonderfully sweet, plummy vetiver. It's not dry or too harsh like a lot of other vetiver fragrances, instead it's lush and sweet and fruity. Very nice!

It opens with a beautiful mix of citrus and violet leaf, giving a very "wet" impression, but is swiftly joined by a very sweet, juicy, almost "stewed" plum accord. The use of plum here is very nice as I don't see this note a lot in fragrances. It combines with the vetiver and stops it becoming too dry or too green. The greenness is still there, but it's sweeter (like a sweet, ripe plum), and in no way is it artificial.

Basically the impression I get is of a field in May where plum trees are growing nearby, and you can smell the grass and earth and hay, before going over to the tree and picking the fruit, which is full of (natural) sweetness, no artificial sugar, just a pure natural one... and it's like closing your eyes and smelling the plum, before putting it in your mouth and tasting the sweetness. This is the impression I get from this one. The smells of the sweet fruits of nature.

I think that maybe if you dislike very sharp, green fragrances and are looking for something a little "sweeter", then try this one out. I also think that if you have been trying vetiver fragrances and didn't find the right one for you, then give this one a try. I think that even a vetiver lover would like this one as it is a very playful, casual fragrance, but which can be worn in formal occasions too (basically anywhere). A lovely fragrance which reminds me of nature at it's finest. Good stuff!
05th December, 2014
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This is one of the best from the brand and I quite enjoyed smelling it on my skin.
A different take on vetiver note that I believe is successful.
The opening is a semi fresh, woody, fruity and earthy scent that is quite pleasant and charming.
There is sweet fruity plum note and there is noticeable amount of vetiver note beside it that both together creating is sweet fruity, yet rooty and earthy scent. I can smell some citruses in the background that they are not up front, but they are strong enough to give the start of the fragrance a semi fresh and tart aroma.
I can smell some woods specially oud beside all these notes that give the scent more depth and also dark masculine feeling.
After about 5 minutes or so, the fresh citruses are gone and I can smell sweet yummy plum note with earthy/rooty vetiver and some woods in the background.
The woods are always in the background but they play a successful role in masculine side of the scent, also the vetiver!
If you like fragrances like "Armani Code" and you want something with almost the same DNA (not the same smell!) but much better quality and more complex scent, give this one a try. there is a high chance that you like this one even more!
Projection is strong and longevity is around 7-8 hours on my skin.
Good one!
27th April, 2014
Vetyver Fatal Nice frag! The drydown is amazing.
14th May, 2013
Vetiver Fatal is somewhat a fruity vetiver.
This scent has a wonderful delopment in the skin.
Opens with a blast of citric tones with a sweet plum note that remains for about 1 hour.
Then it slowly turns into a fresh vetiver, that's in the middle of Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver and Sycomore.
Not very sweet, neither so dry, but actually a creamy vetiver.
Also Vetiver Fatal is far away from those dark vetiver scents like Encre Noire and Guerlain's Vetiver Extreme.
It's a very well balanced blend, with medium sillage and soft projection.
Deserves at least a try.
04th March, 2013
Not bad perfume, a bit lack of real personality, nice though.
Very nice topnotes, not shadowing the Oud and the Cedar, which come through right away, which is quite unusual but nice. Elegant perfume, a "everyday" "no worries" one.
20th October, 2012