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I finally got the chance to test this and I was quite surprised. It's not bad but it's not that good either. I would say this would probably be neutral with a lot of people. When you first spray this right off the top you get a burst of Ck one shock for Him. From the middle it quickly transitions into Azarro's night time and from there it stay pretty much the same through out. I own silver black and I don't think this smells like this at all as some has suggested. It's more like night time than anything. The longevity and projection I would say are average depending on application. Would I own this? Probably not. Should you buy it? If you like Shock or night time you might.
10th March, 2013
A complete rip off of YSL La Nuit De L'Homme, well for ten minutes at least. Late on it becomes a copy of Hugo Boss Selection. Well, rip off of both and not tragically bad rip off with solid longevity and projection. The positive side of this fragrance is that it is quite cheap and for a low amount of money you get a relatively good rip off of some well known frags. If I was younger and a beginner at this hobby, I'd have probably given it a shot.
27th November, 2012
Wholly disappointing. Wrapped up in such an appealing bottle, not to mention layers of legend, this is truly a case of all smoke and no fire. (To be honest, a bit of smoke would not go amiss, amongst so many other scents.)
I'll admit it was the whole package that first drew me in - the Bond label and the studly container seem to promise so much, and I usually have a good appetite for the vetiver+sandalwood foundation. Alas, when that standard package arrives it is too little, too late. From first spritz I knew this was for the eyes only. Despite a doubleshot right to the skin, this comes off as watery as a virgin martini, and I was surprised by the immensely powdery quality. Diamonds may be forever, but this perfume is not; just six hours later, all I'm left with is a rather cloying impression of lavender. Someone give me a license to be ill. Overall, the Doctor says "No" and you're better off living and letting your enthusiasm for this one die.
Though a big let down as a gentleman's scent, repackaged, I could see Miss Moneypenny taking this home for a quiet evening in. (I leave it to you to decide if that's a praise or an insult.)
05th November, 2012
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United States
Well, I tried this out today out of curiosity. A true novelty scent, this strikes me as a wasted opportunity. The bottle, with its cross hatching reminiscent of a Walther PPK, is a good start, a definite nod to the Bond legacy. From there on it could be anything.... mostly, though it is a pleasant, generic, fruity, woody, fresh scent. Apples? Bond? Really? Where is the tang of gin and vermouth? The smell of gun oil and Morland special blend cigarettes? Where is the smell of cordite and manly sweat? Where is the burled wood and leather of a super-charged Bentley? Where is ANYTHING relating to James Bond, past or present? What a waste of an opportunity! Also, (and maybe this is the good news) it is completely gone in a few hours. I put on Habit Rouge at around 6:00 this morning and still smell it 12 hours later. I tried two generous sprays of 007 on my hand two hours ago and no longer smell it at all. Thanks goodness for Habit Rouge, is all that I can say!
20th October, 2012 (last edited: 03rd February, 2016)
It is the cheaper smell of Burberry for Men.
14th October, 2012