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    007 Uses other fragrances to be James Bond

    As im disliking these marketed scents (well... lets make a scent from our most famous gentleman-spy on earth..duhh im waiting for a scent from the batcave now!)
    I was giving it the benefit of doubt testing it.
    The cardamon and rose makes this apple/bergamot combination smelling badly generic and offputting for me.
    The warmth of the cardamon truly crashed the freshness of bergamot and apple in a bad way.

    Where onyx turned out unique and well this one turned out bad.(imo its a mixture of onyx and boss in motion)
    I tested it and the first hour was the worst.
    When i think of James Bond i think of a gentlemans scent not this.
    After 3 hours the freshness is gone and its better but not good.
    And again another marketing trick crashed in pieces.

    Pros: Cheap? otherwise none
    Cons: Too many but very cloying synthetic"

    24th August, 2013

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    Scotland Scotland

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    Not bad at all this. It does remind me of one of the Old Spice variants. I wish I could remember which one. That's not a criticism, by the way. Coincidence as they're both owned by P & G perhaps?

    14th May, 2013

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    Italy Italy

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    Actually, I like it very much and also the longevity on my skin is good. I can smell it for the whole time in office. I put it on at 08:00AM and I can smell it until 19:00PM.

    23rd November, 2012

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