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Positive Reviews of Poppy Blossom by Coach

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Okay, here goes, first review on Poppy Blossom!

THIS STUFF ROCKS!!!! I smelled the swatch in a magazine and fell in love. It's a citrusy/fruity scent for that confident woman! It's top notes are fruity but on me the drydown is all citrus and sweet! It last all day long and when I am in the shower the humidity makes it 'blossom' all over again. It's good stuff!

I love it and will buy another bottle before they discontinue it.

I'm no perfume connoisseur but I know what I like and this is it!

Men and women alike tell me I smell great when I am close to them or walk by in close proximity. It's not overpowering but just enough "scent" that it causes others to pause and ask the question..."What perfume are you wearing, you smell great!?" I almost want to tell them not to worry about it because it is my signature scent but I cannot be catty and keep it all to myself (though I would love to).
13th November, 2012