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Negative Reviews of The Afternoon of a Faun by Etat Libre d'Orange

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An opening of pure discordance on my skin – greasy, sweaty, pungent immortelle which made me go ‘Oh no, hope it won’t carry on like this’ backed with cotton candy iris which made me think, ‘This isn’t really helping’. And then strange, earthy, mushroomy tones – goodness, what had this faun been imbibing?
But then it finally laid down upon the grass and things became a bit clearer. Its chypric identity came more clearly into view with the severity of mossy notes and dried-out greens proving a good fit with the immortelle – it has something of the loamy, forest floor feel of Oriza’s Chypre Mousse and much of its oddness as a result. With the immortelle finding its place in the mix, a rich butteriness rises up which puts an interesting gloss on what is essentially a half green-half brown scent which smells of natural organic things.
Eventually, though the chypric elements recede and we are left with hours of sun-baked immortelle permeated with a chokingly honeyed rosy odour. I can’t warm to this later stage at all and a full day’s worth I consider to be punishment.
11th March, 2016
Smells like a generic nightmare. Can't believe the price being asked for to purchase this.
10th April, 2015
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United Kingdom
Apparently the faun spent the afternoon at the local curry house. I don't get much more from this; the immortelle drowns out whatever else is supposed to be in there.
25th October, 2012
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Instantly forgetable. I meant to write a nice review after trying out the sample. What happened was that after the top notes which weren't a hit with me, the rest didn't leave any impression on me whatsoever. I call that a bad thing for a perfume to do to a basenoter.
21st October, 2012