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Negative Reviews of Dangerous Complicity by Etat Libre d'Orange

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As a hardcore fan of Etat Libre D'orange, I can't say Dangerous Complicity impressed me. My perception is that the two latest compositions by the french firm are sort of traying so hard to catch the mainstream crowd's attention and expand their audience. Nothing bad per-se if not that Dangerous Complicity plays this game a bit too safely.

A modern and juvenile concoction of fruity-floral notes (coconut, jasmine and osmanthus) laying on a average, sandalwood driven, woody-balmy base. Some booze on top provides a "trendy" vibe which is not enough to save this composition from resulting too simple and, yes, boring. It could easily be a new Diesel, Sweet Years or whatever else department store fragrance aimed to younger crowds.

As a matter of fact, since Archive 69, I still have to find a new ELDO that I like. When I think about Eldo, what comes to mind is Rien, Je Suis Un Homme, Like This, Fat Electrician, Noel Au Balcon, Eloge Du Traitre, Vierges Y Toreros, Tom Of Finland, Rossy De Palma, Charogne and even Sec. Mag. but I'm afraid this is very far from those.

22nd December, 2012