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    In spirit of Armani Attitude

    In spirit of Zino Davidoff or more yet, Armani Attitude. Too bad it's just too light with poor projection, however I do feel the whiffs of it from time to time. It is warm and pleasant, intimate scent. Sure I see it'll get bashing and in a way I think it deserves to be bashed because the concept itself is not bad at all, but the realization of it makes it appear characterless and bland on the first, and a very nice try poorly made on the second. If it was just a bit stronger...but then again, "what ifs" are "what ifs", realities and facts are realities and facts.

    Pros: Light gourmand
    Cons: too light"

    14th September, 2013

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    Germany Germany

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    Very cheap and synthetic. and it lasts only several seconds... thank god!

    04th May, 2013

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    Light, cheaper and synthetic. Open with wood that lasts about 10 min. Nothing more.
    It's horrible.A loss of money

    09th October, 2012

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