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Positive Reviews of Fcuk Late Night Man by French Connection

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Great scent, Great Buy, and a Very Cool Bottle...

Guys if you want an underrated scent at a great price, French Connection United Kingdom (FCUK) Late Night is the one to get. The real beauty of this cologne is the (large) bottle is a conversation piece that is uniquely designed. I detect floral and fruit notes in the beginning and the fragrance then settles into a clean outdoorsy musky spice scent. I am not big on these type of fragrances, but this one is a keeper. Truly unique..!!

I have been pleasantly surprised at the longevity. It is about average, perhaps above average, lasting about 6 hours on the skin and 8+ on my shirtsleeve. While I could not smell it, Sweetie still detected the fragrance following a hard day at work. The initial fragrance has good projection early on then settles on the skin - still not complaining and not bad for a blind purchase.

Due to the consistent spicy notes, I am suggesting mostly a fall or winter fragrance that can be used for any occasion. The packaging is above average, and as already stated, the bottle is first class designed. My cologne collection is now 300+ bottles - Late Night just may be my favorite bottle. The spray mechanism is a bit awkward, but not significantly.

Late Night has potential "Wow Factor" - I received (solicited) positive feedback and as a first, a colleague wrote down the name to buy as a present for her husband. Good enough for me. The buy is outstanding, Amazon currently has it listed for $22.00 for the large bottle and free shipping. Not too shabby..!!

All things considered I will give Late Night is 4 stars out of 5. It is truly a gem - and the bottle will be a great addition to your collection. Ride the wave and don't ask where it goes...

15th November, 2012