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This is a gorgeous soft and dry saffron rose.Most other saffron rose offerings tend to be too aggressive,but this is as smooth as a cashmere sweater. Luckily I do not get the aoud note.
I can imagine it would make an excellent fragrance for a winter bride.
16th August, 2014 (last edited: 31st August, 2014)
This is obviously an oud-saffron-rose fragrance with high quality ingredients. This may explain the quality of the fragrance, and also the high price. Rosam by HDP is quite similar, but with a lower price, so I'd rather go for that one.

11th March, 2013 (last edited: 18th March, 2013)
The very best of the most recent launches from Grossmith. If you like Saffron and Leather, you will love this. Heavy and rich with masses of Castoreum and Styrax, it is a fragrance that will polarise, I feel.

For the smell alone I give it a "thumbs up", but it is very, VERY expensive (or do I live in a different world); £250.00 for 50.0 mls. Well I think that is a lot. It was explained to me by the SA who was trying to sell me the stuff that it was so expensive because it was "pure perfume". "As opposed to what ?", I thought. It is still diluted in alcohol, and I'm not sure what else goes into other perfumes that don't cost as much. Anyway, it is good; just wished it was cheaper.
04th December, 2012
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United Kingdom
This is a bloody good oud. Smell it when you get the chance.
13th November, 2012