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a classic chypre for a classic man, old time vibe, good for every occasion a night at the Opera, an afternoon at the Mall.. but low sillage and good duration!
28th May, 2015 (last edited: 10th June, 2015)
Grossmith - Golden Cyphre
This is a perfume that suffers from anorexia. It starts with a nice natural cologne-like spicy-fruity blast that smell promising, but for me this is the best part. From that moment it doesn’t grow into something 3-dimensional but more behaves in a lightweight and dull way which shows very little expression. No sharp green tone that gives it sparkle or a surprising effect, instead it smells 'tasteless' - it misses the salt and pepper. It catches a minty fruit-fleshy note and settles down in a very mild airy oakmoss note. A very light, unthrillingly pretty little thing, that is very heavely and thrillingly overprized. A good perfume for anorexia-patients, nevertheless. But neither flesh nor fish…
02nd June, 2014
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United Kingdom
Yikes -- a Grossmith that men could wear comfortably. From top to toe, this will take your breath away. One of the best chypres money can buy.
10th January, 2013
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