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Positive Reviews of Fields of Rubus by Kerosene

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Mating. Raspberries.

Costanza really wanted a sandwich with sex. Who can blame him? Two of a man's greatest loves mashed into one unholy existential triumph. Well. Lemme tell you about Fields of Rubus (which, in some great Freudian coming together, my spell checker keeps wanting to display as Fields of Rubs).

Omigod is it good. Like really good. Like sex with a sandwich and sweet slathered syrup on a sunny summer day. Do you like raspberries? Do you like it sweet? Sexy? A little bit spicy and a whole lot seductive? Jammy indeed.
11th February, 2015
Gorgeous Fragrance!

Fields of Rubus notes: Raspberry, Plum, Apple, Tobacco Wood, Musk, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Cedar, and Patchouli

Gorgeous. Long Lasting. Great Sillage. The Kerosene blurb says that this opens with jammy sweetness, I'd say more raspberry jammy then sweetness! It is not a sweet scent per-se. On me, the patchouli is front and center all the way thru the drydown. The mix of fruits and woods is done very well. The drydown is just divine, with musk, sandalwood, vanilla and again, patchouli in the mix. Love! Love! Love!

Pros: Earthy, great sillage, perfect blending of ingredients!

17th August, 2013
Was visiting my sister, just in time for her samples of this whole line to arrive. After sniffing them all, this was the one I liked the most. Rose-like, with an incense overlay. I'm still making my peace with the idea of rose fragrances for men, but this one might change my mind.

Everyone to their own taste when it comes to fragrance of course, but if you are thinking of sampling this line, this is one you might want to include.
25th December, 2012
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