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Reviews of Unbreakable Joy by Khloé and Lamar

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I already had a bad feeling about this because neither Khloe or Odom are fragrance experts. But I ordered it because it was on discount on an online store. Basically it's very synthetic and I am just going to use it as room spray.
27th October, 2015
I usually am turned off by the thought of celebrity fragrances and most of them smell pretty awful, however I was intrigued by the initial talk of this being a holiday scent so I bought it online to give it a whirl. My first impression of this scent is "simple" and then "happy".

The scent is very rich and creamy. The strongest notes are chocolate, vanilla, and champagne. The floral notes are in there but the big three overpower them.

The image that this brings to mind to me is sitting in front of a fireplace while the snow is falling having champagne and chocolate.

It isn't a fantastic scent, it isn't amazing, but it is nice and the inexpensive price is nice.
17th November, 2012