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Neutral Reviews of Jour d'Hermès by Hermès

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Tart citrus. Slightly aquatic, like rainwater. Strong green notes, as of stems or stalks. Sour florals. This is just too bitter, for my tastes.

The rankness calms down a bit later. It doesn't really do much else to offend me but, I can't state that I could ever like this scent. I get some burnt wood later - that's it.
23rd March, 2019
This contemporary chypre composition might be inspired by Edmond Roudnitska's Le Parfum de Therese (Frédéric Malle).
Imagine e.g. LPDT's melon – a rather aquatic, ozonic and, not only for that reason, an unusual note in its day, the 1950s – replaced by a salty, mineral texture and mango – a successful note on the Brazilian and Asian fragrance marketplace and, maybe also for that reason, one of Jean-Claude Ellena's lately favored characters.
22nd July, 2015