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It's been a fruitless day. I didn't see, much less catch any turtles. As I trudged wearily to our campsite, my stomach growled with hunger, and I smelled...something...

Raw smoky vetiver and toasty coconuts?

I sniffed the air for a minute like a bloodhound. Hmmm not a whiff of barbecued meat.

I guess Crusoe and Friday screwed up their hunt again today. Damn...
10th December, 2015
Incredible Vetiver Fragrance

Turtle Vetiver Back is an incredible fragrance and one of my favorite vetivers. I get a totally different vetiver with this one, totally different than anything else out there and that's what I really like about this one. To my nose Back has a slightly vegital oceanic vibe, like an inlet marina. When I sniff, I can clearly smell beautiful Haitian Vetiver, which happens to be my favorite. The vetiver note is supported by coconut lacatone and what I assume to be mimosa absolute that gives it a sweet floral undertone. Turtle Vetiver Back brings to mind the most remote Caribbean island with white sand, coconut trees and copious amounts of vegitation surrounding its shores. This is one that cannot be replaced once I'm out, truly different, truly magnificent.

Pros: Raw, Beautiful, Tenacious, Thought Enducing
Cons: Not as long lasting as some vetiver fragrances"

12th September, 2013
Definately LesNez Vetiver. Which is a good thing. After all, the chief interest in LesNez Vetiver is the vetiver itself which is distinct from anyone elses. So, in Back , as in Front before it, you're getting a vetiver that smells strongly of unadorned vetiver "oil" and has that distinctive rooty vegetal quality. That said, I have to say that Back is something of a disappointment to me. I was expecting some exciting new take I guess while preserving the core smell. In Back the vetiver seems somewhat muted compared to Front; less defined, more muddled without the addition of anything interesting. More a subtraction than an addition. If you wanted to spin positive I guess you could say Back is more subtle than Front.
Is Back supposed to be more wearable? I dunno. I thought Front was wearable.
And Front is more the kind of vetiver you can lose yourself in while smelling it.
Back is still a very good vetiver in my humble opinion and might appeal more to some or even most. I like to do Back first, Front second, a kiss on the mouth goodbye and out the door.
09th February, 2013
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United States
Turtle Vetiver Back goes on with an initial carbon-like smoky raw vetiver accord with an extremely brief orange citrus-like undertone that completely disappears just a handful of seconds later, as the smoky vetiver transitions to the heart. During the heart phase the opening smoke begins to die down as a pea pod supporting note far in the background is unveiled, giving the vetiver a somewhat vegital aspect along with violet providing the composition a slight powdery quality that tones down the bite of the vetiver further. As the scent reaches the dry-down stage the vetiver becomes just a bit lemony, staying the star of the scent through the end. Projection is below average to average and longevity is absolutely outstanding, staying at near full strength on skin for 15 hours and still detectable a 24 hours after application.

In order to really assess Back you really need to compare differences from its two predecessors (Exercise 1 and Front)... Exercise 1 was a no holds barred raw vetiver soliflore that was just about as close as you can get to just wearing straight vetiver oil, with Front taking that initial composition and toning it down just a hair to increase its wearability without compromising much on its purist nature. Back, now the last leg of the triad polishes and softens Front, now by adding violet and pea pod notes to the composition making it much more balanced than its prototypes. On the one hand, this makes Back the most wearable of the three by far as it now appeals to a much broader spectrum of the public while retaining the general scent profile of its predecessors, while on the other hand some of the edginess and distinctiveness is lost in the translation of the new polish and balance. If I personally had to choose my favorite composition of the three it would be Front, as it gets the balance between edginess and versatility just on the edgier side of most people's comfort zone without straying very far from it. Exercise 1 is a close second for its raw purist nature (and it was first). Back is my least favorite of the three by a fair margin due to it losing more than a bit of the edginess of the other two, but make no mistake it is still an excellent 4 star out of 5 composition in its own right that vetiver purists should enjoy quite a bit and I am very happy to have it in my collection. Scent quality aside though, once you have worn "Front" it is hard to go "Back".
12th January, 2013 (last edited: 22nd January, 2013)