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Stretching so far across the idea of 'le Male' that it circles around and catches up with all of its copycats, Le beau Male manages to smell more like Ambro de Jacomo and Ghost Man than its predecessor. The mint and orange blossom make for a breezy, airy duo, while the rather unexpected sage note keeps things anchored to the earth. Lavender and vanilla are slightly recessed from before but remain the overall stars. 'Absinthe' still isn't a single note. Altogether it's a bit of an odd duck fragrance, but I do prefer it to the original, and might recommend it to anyone who thought Ghost Man was too sweet or featured too much aniseed. Interestingly, I get a sort of 'afterscent' reminiscent of cucumber.
15th April, 2017
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United Kingdom
The minty-lavender opening blast is paired with a slightly boozy note and is actually quite pleasant on my skin - a positive opening gambit that, unfortunately, is not followed up on the same level of originality. The herbal drydown and the musky-vanilla base are not only lightweight, but also fairly generic and - on me - frankly fairly bland. Not bad, but in spite of the promising opening overall quite mediocre. Soft sillage, fair projection and four hours of longevity.
25th October, 2014
My father recently bought a bottle of this and today I got a chance to sample it. Because of the bottle design I have had severe problems taking Le Male seriously and with Le Beau Male things aren't any different. When I got over it, however, I was a bit surprised: Fresh mint and other herbs, then lavender and definitely some orange blossom. Actually quite ok. After some time of mellowing the fragrance becomes more generic but manages to avoid all severe pitfalls. Le Beau Male certainly is a summer scent but in my opinion it's not a terrible sin to add some summery freshness to a grey and cold autumn day with it now and then.
28th August, 2014
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"Fraicheur intense" version: blasting metallic-mentholated opening with citrus and cloves on vanillin, with a slightly disturbing sort of salty warm note underneath. No affiliation with Le Male. Uselessly cheap summer scent – not even a crowdpleaser, as it frankly smells bad to me.

10th July, 2014
I'll probably be hazed for this but I find this a pleasant scent. What it is not is a resemblance of JPG Le Male. Le Beau Male is quite the opposite with the only vague similarity being the lavender note. It is a green and minty scent with quite a body (musk). Keep in mind that I am being objective with my review from here on (as in no comparison/contrasting between Le Male).

The opening is really sharp, musky, minty, and FRESH. It is not thin because of the musk and absinthe playing supporting roles to the top notes. The transition to the heart notes is what appears to cause dislikes as it is definitely a dirty contrast to the opening, however it isn't repulsive.I don't mind the heart notes as it adds strength to the composition while remaining light and wearable for these hot Southern California days. My absolute favorite part is the closing note accord where it becomes very very light and flowery (not a feminine flowery). Such an airy closing that it posses. I do wish this closing sequence could have more projection to it but alas it remains a skin scent at this point.

Projection is good for about 3-6 hours (I spray twice on neck and once on each wrist, about an inch between the atomizer and skin), afterwards it dwindles down to a skin scent. Longevity is about 10 hours.

7 out of 10
29th April, 2014
Good on the first spray, if you coat yourself in about 20mL of the stuff. Extremely low projection and does not last on the skin at all, after about half an hour of wearing.
Nice try, but definitely knocks down Jean Paul Gaultier's Le Male (Original!) brand name.

Would not buy again.
26th January, 2014
Waste of your time and money

Horrible fragrance. Watered down of the original. Fresh opening scent, with added vanilla and absinthe. Dies after about 30 minutes on my skin. Or maybe I am more salty than I previously imagined.

Pros: Added vanilla, similar to original Le Male
Cons: Smells great on a card, dies on your skin"

19th October, 2013
Tony T Show all reviews
United States

very close to Pure Shot by Mugler..

not worthy of the hefty price tag..

I guess with the tremendous failure of Kokorico JPG tried a new direction..

They failed miserably again!!

Pros: Lasts long
Cons: unoriginal"

23rd September, 2013
A minty take on Mont Blanc Legend with a tinge of vanilla

I'd say this is probably the most interesting flanker at the counters. Immediately you get a minty absinthe blast that is fresh and reminds you nothing of Le Male. Much into the dry down after the mint has subsided, the familiar MB Legend/Fierce vibe comes in with a tinge of vanilla. Vanilla is only supportive and never takes a star role as in Le Male. Though the vanilla is the only link to the original, Le Beau Male is a completely different fragrance. I find it much more wearable and if you find Legend or Fierce to be a tad overbearing, then this might be for you. I'm still on the fence with this one.

Pros: Fresh and likable
Cons: Its familiar"

03rd August, 2013
Yes, I agree, there is somewhere the original Le Male's DNA but this is basically a new fresher scent. Along the first stage of development the combination between fresh lavender, minty absinth, citrus, ozonic molecules and wet musk (the latter yet rising from the background) arouses on me for sure the classic Le Male's familiar vibe (in a sharper, more sparkling/peppery and far less soapy-balmy-musky way) but in a short while the aroma starts to slide towards a sort of salty/musky (slightly "sweaty" and synthetic) territory that is more common, less intoxicating and sharper than the original's one. The pungent and vaguely angular (I would say weirdly fizzy/peppery) following saltiness, dominant till the end, is a synthetic and at once sugary (salty/sugary, fresh/warm) combination of orange blossoms, lavender and musk with marine accents, lemon/mandarine and hints of artificial amber. This final part is effectively sensual, extremely orangy, aromatic, musky and masculine with a touch of dusty and woody (powdery woods) virility (synthetic ambergris?) anyway overwhelmed by an utterly sporty-type, chemical/medicinal, bitter/sweet soapy vibe. I'm sorry Jean Paul.
09th May, 2013 (last edited: 01st April, 2015)
This fragrance tells you two stories.

First story - I smell a bit like a better refined Boss in motion and some frags you've already smelled but you can't remember which ones exactly. You either accept this or not and you move on...or not...

Second story - my role, or goal to say precisely, is to smell like the top notes of the original Le Male and smell like this all the way without any change in particular. In this I almost succeed and will you buy me depends on your experience or lack thereof, and level of your naivety.

I actually like it and find it pleasing, but despite all that I have to rate it neutral.

27th March, 2013
Interesting opening with mint and absinthe. Not a typical JPG flanker. Weird thing is, when it dries down it smells very similar to Mont Blanc Legend to me. Decent longevity, but a pass from me since I have others that smell very similar to it.
14th March, 2013