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I like this.

All the muskiness of cool water amplified a bit and a hint of the sparkliness converge to make a grown up version of a youthful fragrance. Youthfulness still remains, but dressed in a suit instead of jeans? There is a lingering sweet-ness some might find off-putting. I think it adds character.
Goes easy on application.
22nd December, 2017
Good, but not what I expected in my skin.
Smelled in two diffent stores and in different times.
Bought it, but behaved very sweet in my skin (I prefer the wood notes). If you don't like 1 million, don't buy this one, because it is very similar, in spite of being lighter.
Is not horrible, but the thumbs down goes because would be probably better to try it in your skin before you buy.
04th August, 2017
Mont Blanc's "Legend" led to this uninspiring synthetic mess known as "The Game", which led to Chanel's grievous misstep "Bleu", which in turn has given us Dior's inexcusably mundane "Sauvage".

In other words, don't bother, especially if you're over 25.
28th December, 2015
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rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
More Fizz than Gin

The slightly boozy gin fizz note fizzles out quickly into generic synthetic woody sweetness. Game over in less than two hours.

23rd October, 2013
teen age party goer copycat scent<p><p> I could past and copy any negative review of One Million!<p><p>Pros: One Million in disguise
Cons: One Million in disguise"</p>
13th August, 2013 (last edited: 11th December, 2013)
AntonPan Show all reviews
Russian Federation
For laundry smell lovers

Davidoff The Game is a weird mix of a laundry detergent (the opening) and modern masculine "1 million" molecules (the base). Actually that's the most chemical detergent smell of a fragrance that I ever smelled. Though it's not so bad, it is wearable, mild, for those, who seek for a lighter version of Paco Rabanne 1 Million and by the way love the smell of clean clothes.

01st July, 2013
Used to like it. Now I hate it.

I liked this when I tried it at first. Now though, I can't stand it. It's not as bad as 1 Million but it's not much better.

Pros: Easy to find
Cons: sickly sweet

01st June, 2013
I like it. It's for the masses indeed, but still, I like it. Davidoff finally made something that's got nothing to do with Cool Water. "The Game" is cold in character but also kind of a dark scent so the color of the bottle is complementary with the scent itself. The gin note is strong and berry notes are even stronger, pervasive actually, thus the fragrance itself is quite pervasive on my skin making it project excessively. It didn't rock my world but I really find it appealing and yet I'd really be naive if I found something "deep" and meaningful in it. Despite being unoriginal, I'll rate it thumbs up on account it smells relatively good to me and on me, projects great and lasts's not yet another Cool Water flanker which is nice for a change.
17th April, 2013
vawallpa Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I'm unsure where I've smelled very similar to this fragrance before, maybe joop jump. Not entirely unique but very woodsy and pleasant, a younger mans scent.
08th April, 2013
utterly pointless , just another unoriginal fragrance.
14th March, 2013