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    Italy Italy

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    Hugo Boss Red is a completely inoffensive citric-ozonic cologne with a light synthetic woody base, also featuring lavender, eugenol (cloves), perhaps a hint of melonal providing a generic fruity note, and not much else. Shortly a fresh woody-sporty scent with just the right amount of "urban", office-safe mediocre elegance. Dull but not unpleasant, given the price and the pretenses I can't really blame it for being plain and uncreative, so in its own way, it works fine. Nothing more than a decent birthday gift for your "Adidas-deodorant-aficionado" brother or boyfriend (or dad, or uncle, or whoever you want: you got the point...).


    13th October, 2014

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    Singapore Singapore

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    Tired old stuff in new sexy bottle.

    There's comfort in familiarity. There's also the excitement in acquiring something new. The marketing folks at Hugo boss play it smart and combine the two. Dig up some runner up samples from previous focus groups, bottle it in a new attractive bottle and slap on a trendy name. Blue has had its moment in the spotlight. Black is getting long in the tooth. Hey, how about 'red'?

    No galbanum. No pineapple. Just a vaguely fruity top over cheap woody amber. Same old juice. Brand new bottle. Watch the suckers take the bait. Ka-chinngg!!

    Pros: Nice red bottle if you're into that sort of thing.
    Cons: Same old crap. "

    27th September, 2013

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    Quite a fruity scent. Pink pepper and pineapple are prominent to my nose. Not particularly great longevity, about 3-4 hours, and projection isn't amazing as it stays quite close to the skin, that being said although this one isn't a groundbreaking scent it is pleasant enough for everyday use.

    18th March, 2013

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    Croatia Croatia

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    Red is just a name and the bottle, the scent itself is as transparent as water, not just literally but in a sense of how it smells. Why am I rating it neutral then? Well the concept is not all that bad, it's the implementation and performance where it all gets downhills. Original Hugo by Hugo in all of it's syntheticity still has it charms and is generally accepted by the public, albeit not even close to be the legend. Hugo's flankers "just different" and "red" - forget about them.

    15th March, 2013

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