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Neutral Reviews of Tzora by Anat Fritz

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Tzora was kind of disappointing. Its barebones structure which seems to mainly consist of darker citrus notes, a touch of pepper, and a middle-of-the-road cedar/vetiver base just wasn't enough to leave me impressed. While I don't find it unpleasant in any way, it just seems to be lacking in character, almost like there's a significant piece that's missing and required to bring it back to life. Terre d'Hermes has robust orange and vetiver notes, anchored by a healthy dose of ISO E Super. It's tenacious and full of little details that bring you back to it again and again. I didn't find this in Tzora, and "neutral" is probably the perfect word to describe how I feel about it.
16th May, 2014

A well done earthy-citrus typified by Terre d' Hermes. Where Terre was occasionally rough, however, Tzora is round and polished, and a delicious dried-apricot at its heart ensures it is not so derivative as to raise alarm.
30th January, 2013 (last edited: 11th March, 2013)
Tzora strikes halfway between Terre D'Hermes and L'Homme Infini for its woody-pepper-vetiver-combo but also recalls of some of the most minimalistic Comme Des Garcons such as H&M or, say, Kyoto. It shows all of the Geza Schoen's hallmarks (transparency, isoEsuper, modernity) but, at the same time, it feels much less avant-garde than most of his fragrances...

It's good and I can see why it is rapidly becoming the go-to scent for every wood-addict but I'm afraid I can't count myself amongst its biggest fans.

Terre D'Hermes fans, heads up!
20th January, 2013
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