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I can see the TDH references...has that orange wood thing going on , but , this is not a copy/clone...has its own distinctive qualities...opens for me with a vetiver spiked dirty dry orange...this seems to have a little Montale Red Vetyver walking into a lumberyard while eating an orange...smooth and classy...pepper adds a nice overall touch without taking over as it often does...i get a trace of fruitiness in the wood base...not really getting much in the way of flowers...only complaint is lack of throw and a short lifespan...
11th April, 2018
The other reviewers have described the scent well: pleasant, classy, no rough spots. I think all the reviewers agree it is well-crafted, the only question is whether it fits your sensibility. Many well designed pieces can be admired but not appropriated into the wardrobe. To me, this made me prouder of Anat Fritz classical which hits me -- good to see a maker knows what they're doing. But the scent in the Anat Fritz collection made for me is Classical, not Tzora. This is made for a friend more restrained and fine than I am.
29th August, 2017
Tzora by Anat Fritz is a fresh and invigorating fragrance. In the initial spray I got cedar and soft pepper. In the dry down I got blackcurrant, vetiver and bergamot rounded off by the pepper. I can get a swiff now and then and makes me very happy. I consider it to be earthy, woody with citrus.
01st April, 2015
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A pleasant scent. For me it is not as distinctive, flinty or interesting as Terre D'Hermes.
The main similarity is in the opening, which is a dry peppery citrus. This is very nice, and very dry.
The scent moves to its second phase. At times like paper, other times a floral - celery leaf - baked bread note.
The dry down is light and mossy. There is a slightly earthy note due to the vetiver.
Overall, pleasant and classy.
29th November, 2013
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United States
Tzora opens with just the faintest whiff of fresh orange before quickly transitioning to a sharp sparkling bergamot and Peruvian pepper tandem that dominates the heart of the scent with a very subtle mossy green undertone. The Peruvian pepper is deftly implemented, never overpowering the other elements but rather meshing with the bergamot in perfect harmony. As the Peruvian pepper slowly recedes, a very fine cedar emerges to take its place, mingling with the still remaining bergamot through the dry-down, adding shimmering vetiver support. Projection is below average and longevity is outstanding at over 24 hours on skin.

Tzora is a late entrant to the 2012 party, but it captivated me from the get-go and the longer I wear it the more I enjoy it. It is officially classified as a floral chypre, but I think it is more like a citric/woody scent with spicy and earthy support. Tzora is quite the textbook prototype of executing a composition using minimalist restraint in its implementation; with Geza Schoen showing off all his enormous talent here in what I feel is his best work to date. Terre d'Hermes fans in particular will most likely find Tzora quite appealing as while it is no Terre d'Hermes clone, it occupies a similar space and beats TdH at its own game (not an easy accomplishment). I confess after smelling Tzora I had to remove Terre d'Hermes from my Top 10, replacing it with Tzora. To bottom line it for everyone, Tzora is the one of the three finest new releases I have smelled in 2012, earning an extremely rare 5 star out of 5 rating from me. This one is an absolute masterpiece of the highest order and it would not surprise me if it stands the test of time.
12th January, 2013 (last edited: 04th April, 2013)