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Ambre Noir is the sweetest fragrance in my wardrobe.

I used to not like the fragrances I tested that were assertively sweet (a few of them were from established designer houses). I find that sweet accents are generally better suited for women. But after I have gotten more acquainted with Ambre Noir, I have come to really like it.

I find the sweetness of Ambre Noir well balanced by leathery, woody, earthy accents. These accords synergize as a nice aura of manly sensuous mystery.

The drydown is great. The woody tones become beautifully prominent. Due to the know-how of Christophe Raynaud, the cedar takes on a nicely special twist.

Cardamom, violet leaves and elemi notes are not listed at some other sites but I think that it makes sense that they can be attributed to the fragrance here. They may give some hints at the seductive mystery of its drydown.

Despite that it is a very sensual fragrance, I find it quite versatile. Good for any occasion: romance, formal, casual; for any seasons but, in summer, preferably when the temperature is not too hot.

On me, great longevity (more than 12 hrs) and very good projection.
19th July, 2014 (last edited: 14th August, 2014)
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
It seems like the perfumer was aiming for The One by D&G..
I detect no amber but a subtle woody base with no projection at all.
It's suppose to be intense but it is not..
I do get hints of tobacco-cedar and Tonka in the drydown but it's very weak and synthetic..
The bottle is even similar to The One..
This is for the Subtle Woody lovers..
02nd January, 2014
Because of a common foundation of lavender, woods, bergamot, musk, cardamom, citrus, cedar, tonka and amber my diagnosis about Ambre Noir is the following: a sort of Le male's (a bit rebel) "follower" but without a durable bath foam minty/soapy vibe (which i detect in a faintier form deprived from the minty touch and just for a while in the top) and with a sharper and darker tobacco/patchouli/bergamot/violet (may be jasmine) accord a la Police Noir. I detect the cardamom throughout (less stout than in Le Male), the lavender influence (less impressive and "watery" than in Le Male too) and a notable bergamot/musk/sharp florals/amber accord since the beginning. The dry down is sharper than in Le Male, more centered over vetiver, dry amber, flowers and woods than over a soapy/balmy tonka plus musk. The aroma is proper to a casual fragrance and represents a nice easy and youthful choice for a sexy night out around for the down town. Unexpensive and decent.
20th November, 2013 (last edited: 21st November, 2013)
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I truly don't know what to think of this fragrance. Marketing image does not come for me with scent.
Do you know latest scene made by Raynaud? Well, it is much in line. It's like more sporty type of 1 Million or maybe rather The Golden Secret. Somehow more woody than Blue Secret. But instead of class it links in my head with fragrances made for Pull & Bear... Fine, refreshing. But it is not fragrance I would wear to suit. Jeans, t-shirts, suede shoes, manchester.
I am sorry, maybe my nose and brain does not want to link all impressions in way as intended.
27th February, 2013 (last edited: 04th March, 2013)