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Positive Reviews of Orange Spice by Pell Wall Perfumes

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United Kingdom
This is definitely for citrus lovers. Its not sweet but refreshing and zingy. I can smell the zest of the fruit. The spice notes are quite low key which is a shame as I would have loved them to have been more present. Warm sweet citrus and spices is a combination very hard to resist. I do like it though. For a citrus fragrance the sillage and particularly the longevity are impressive. Its a shame my fella doesnt like it on me. It might make a fab pressie for my brother though.
08th April, 2015
A cautious thumbs-up here. Not a brilliant scent, but it has some very good moments and a few debatable ones.
It starts with a lovely array of citrus notes, really everything imaginable. To a certain extent many of these get smooshed into what is basically an orange melange of a very smooth sort. The orange is natural, genteel, not synthetic in style. It suggests both orange zest and orange blossoms.
The spices are *very* low-key, really they just give a slight cushion to the orange notes. What we have is a mild, soapy, slightly barbershop sort of scent.
My slight equivocation has to do with the castoreum. It must be what is responsible for a kind of metallic, animalic, leathery note which develops in the dry-down. At times it is mildly intriguing, at other times not quite irritating but a bit tiresome and odd. Never off-putting though.
I wish the frankincense and vetiver had been ramped up and the castoreum eliminated.
So -- if orange scent are your thing then check this out and see what you think.
27th February, 2013