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Reviews of Pure Essence Eau de Parfum No.1 Frankincense by Neal's Yard

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I love this scent. It is straight-forward, natural, and very satisfying.
It starts with a lovely green lime zip. There is good frankincense, with its hint of conifer and mint. There is a nice warm peppery spice component. There are also herbal lavender and other dusky herbs. The total effect is VERY dry and pleasing, refreshing in a delightfully understated way. There is a hint of rich, soapy myrrh. The dry-down is resinous and woody. It has great longevity for an all-natural scent.
Frankincense fans -- this is a must-have.
Update --
Great combo of frankincense and lavender. Brings out the camphoric and resinous qualities of each. Very, very dry. Wears well. Not a complex scent, stays parked in that zone and hey, nothing wrong with that.
21st February, 2013 (last edited: 16th August, 2014)