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Positive Reviews of Viva Italia by Lambretta

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Safe blind buy for patchouli fans.

My first ever review on this website and as unknown am I to all of you here, equally unknown is this fragrance to you I guess. This is was a really blind buy, since there were no reviews of it, not even the notes listed somewhere, I found them on this website later, but it was really good deal, 100ml edt plus 150ml shower gel. Before that, not long ago, I bought a Man.Aubusson Intense gift box, and relying on a web review I thought it might be good. Nevermind... So, when seeing Viva Italia, I thought that since no one has written anything about it on the whole of the"www" it must be a sign of its quality. But I noticed that the box had a leather pattern on it, in addition, from school I knew that Italia is renowned for its leather shoes and bags, so, I surmised that this has to be a leather scent. And this drove me to buy it. By reading up to here you should be already guessing that the perfume is really good, and you are right to be directing your thought towards that conclusion. When first sprayed I sniffed pepper, patchouli and citrus, and this was enough for me. It is very close to Patchouli Leaves by Monotheme and also resembles the drydown of L’eau Bleue by Issey. Longevity is moderate, about 4 hours on skin and some 6-8 on clothes. Projection is not good, since it stays very close to the skin, but I wore it only once. I would classify it to Woody Spicy rather than Leather. But I would like to hear from someone with better appreciation of notes and accord. I recommend it for people who like pepper and patchouli.

Pros: Patchouli and pepper. Price and overall quality.
Cons: None for me."

23rd October, 2013