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Negative Reviews of Acqua Essenziale by Salvatore Ferragamo

Total Reviews: 6
Generic, synthetic and screechy - this is precisely the type of 'mall scent' that one should avoid at all times. Acqua Essenziale recycles 'fresh masculine designer' olfactory clichés using what it seems like bottom shelf materials, and is absolutely inessential and inconsequential. I would not be surprised if this perfume was conceived of, blended and bottled in less than a week, just to fill shelf space.

In this style go for Nautica Voyage (for something fun), CK One (interesting androgyny) or Acqua di Gio (more sophisticated and seamless).

25th January, 2018
Nothing to like about this except the price. It is a smell that exists, that is all.
21st August, 2014
Boring aquatic

I used a sample today.
As i love Alberts work in CK one, Acqua di Gio and his outstanding Lanvin Homme i find his later fragrances pretty generic and dull for example this one.
Its fresh,minty,aquatic and sunny, its OK but thats it. It is OK... I dont love OK fragrances they dont give me that motivation to buy it.
The Lavender is pretty tucked away as im not smelling it (blendup with mint)

Pretty safe buy for a present and longer lasting then other aquatic

Pros: Safe
Cons: Generic, boring"

23rd August, 2013
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Don't bother

The fresh, aquatic part is nice enough, but it is drowned (no pun intended) out by a wave (no pun intended) of macho, cloying, cologne-y blandness. Acqua Essenziale is being massively marketed at the moment. Hope it doesn't become massively popular, I'd prefer not being surrounded by stuff like this.

28th May, 2013
Really close (especially at the beginning) to the classic and decently appointed Lanvin Pour Homme (citrusy, metallic, slightly ozonic, woody, orangy, minty and vaguely dusty) and yes, to the better blended, more natural and bracing Bleu Chanel. This modern ozonic/fougere is anyway more oriented towards a synthetic musky/marine nature and lacks the distinctive violet leaves presence (in here replaced by a sharp lavender/geranium) we notice in the Lanvin one. The combination of musk, grapefruit, citrus and chemical ozonic ingredients produces a really common and uninspired vibe. Really really boring and useless.
14th May, 2013 (last edited: 03rd November, 2014)
There is really nothing more that I can say other than it's just your typical man's cologne (which can sum up most of the Ferragamo house, to be honest). It's your basic generic fresh fragrance, that you've smelled over and over again, with some floral notes. No personality or distinction. This isn't terrible, however, there are dozens of better options out there for men, therefore making this not bottle worthy.

2 out of 5 stars.
26th April, 2013