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    This is an easy one to review. This smells exactly as the notes are listed. This smells really good, actually. I mean, you'd think it would be horrible and rotting-flesh-with-maggots-and-oozing-pustulent stuff. It's not.
    It does not smell terrible at all. It's more like this:

    If you WERE a zombie, you'd be the best-smelling zombie, and your fragrance would show the miles you've shambled, the piles of Autumn leaves you've stumbled on, and, of course, the soil you clawed your way out of to get there.

    It's really unique.

    I honestly bought this based on notes alone, and not for the zombie thing, though the zombie thing helps. I work in education, and as a naturalist in a forest preserve, and this fragrance seemed to be just what I needed. Smells like the woods.

    Nothing about this smells bad to me.
    My rating out of 5: Scent 5, Projection 2 1/2, Longevity 2, Originality 5, Overall 4 1/2.

    21st March, 2013 (Last Edited: 18th April, 2013)

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