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    Enchanted Forest opening is very similar to an old cheapie, Liz Claiborne’s Spark for Men. I loved Spark when it first came out, but soon that honey and rum accord got old, and I couldn’t tolerate it anymore. EF isn’t any different, it smells nice enough at first application, but soon, VERY soon, becomes sickening. Overall, EF smells like rum and chili peppers; heavy, stuffy, choking. Give me some air!

    24 July, 2014

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    I like the opening, there's vegetation, woods, rotten leaves, and all this is crowned with the darker side of blackcurrants: juicy and tart, but with a hint of cat pee. Very interesting indeed.

    Sadly the drydown is disappointing: the realistic blackcurrant turns into industrial creme cookie filling made out of chemical blackcurrant essence, bland and boring.

    15 November, 2013

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    An epic failure.
    Its an anti-Bertrand perfume.

    Its a mess.
    Absolutely no complexity. Muddled.
    No smooth rendition between notes & accords.
    Reminds me of when I get stuck in sand when I go off roading. Agonizing.
    Complexity is not an opinion, nor is harmony of transition between top, middle and base. Not all perfumes are intended to be complex, nor should they be. But it's clear when Enchanted Forest was intended to be complex but failed miserably. Then there's the muddled transition.

    Don't get me wrong. I love B. Duchafour. Heck I own 15 of his creations.

    But iit's like a mangled walrus freeing itself from quicksand. It's not a graceful sight.

    01st April, 2013

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