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Neutral Reviews of Enchanted Forest by The Vagabond Prince

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I love Be Du! This is not one of my favorite BeDu fragrances, but I like it. Just blackcurrant, no complexity, no much style but a childish version of a glass of manhattan. Too simple for a thumb up.
21st November, 2015
While the dry down is okay, the opening gagged me. And the opening lasted quite a while. This is the kind of perfume where you can tell the individual components are high quality, but somehow (at least on my skin) it never really comes together.
I love the true forest smell....and I hate the true forest smell. This is like a mixture of Christmas wreath and cat piss. We used to have some kind of evergreen in our yard when I was a kid and it always smelled like our cats had been marking it. The opening of Enchanted Forest smells the same to me.
So I give it points for realism; thus the neutral rating instead of a thumbs down.
Do not want to smell this way.
Well, either my nose changed, the sample changed, or it's the hot weather we're having now, but just tried this again and what can I say? I love it! No sourness now, no cat-marking the junipers it's bright, green, cheerful, and I'm picking up a lovely though vague sweetness, too. Now I need a bigger decant; no full bottle until my imaginary ship comes in! I'm amazed at how bright and sunny this is on this bright, sunny day. I am officially eating my former words. I do want to smell like this! Oh nose, thou art fickle.
10th November, 2014 (last edited: 05th July, 2015)
Enchanted Forest is a Douchaufour's complex (initially) greenish/fruity-sour (really balanced) combination of fruity/boise, woody, herbal aromatic (heady rosemary, coriander and juniper berries) and resinous patterns from the deep dark-green "dreamy" forest. The aroma performs a final semi-oriental resinous twist. The fragrance starts with a "wine/pomegranate-raspberries-blackberries-like" type of (vaguely liquorous) tartness evolving in to a more soothed woody oriental wave rich of nuances (spicy/floral/woody/resinous). You can detect the woodsy resins all around of course and a final mossy animalic (vaguely ambery, more properly vanillic) base which holds on to be influenced by red berries, black currant and dark woods. Actually, while I find the first stage really interesting (with its almost fizzy boise dark fruity approach- so cool and realistic) the following (decidedly warmer, more soapy and somewhat vanillic) evolution sounds pale and banally warmer in a less compelling way (I detect in this phase points of reference with several Douchaufour's appointments for Neela Vermeire for instance). I'd have preferred endly more oakmoss and less resins/balsams. In this dark soapy-spicy final stage several floral sparks provide a more eastern/modern/glamour/synthetic ordinary trail. Anyway an interesting concoction finally missing its initial promising veritable woodsiness.
18th October, 2014
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This is a neutral review with the thumb climbing ever so slightly up. I was lucky enough to be gifted a sample. This is definitely a scent to clearly illustrate the difference between dab and spray.

Dabbed- I smelled fir balsam, fir balsam, and did I mention fir balsam? A very refined balsam, but I got nothing else. Not very exciting.

Transferred to a atomizer and sprayed: It transformed to crisp Blackcurrent, a little booziness, and finally (you got it), fir balsam.

The effect was a little like drinking a ribena syrup with seltzer, or some fruit wine in a deep forest. I enjoyed it enough to use every drop of the sample but it didn't move me emotionally at all. I would love to smell this on a musky man. I think muskier skin would really amplify the character of the scent.
Your mileage may vary.
04th April, 2013
I'm afraid I can't say I'm "enchanted". The fragrance opens with a sort of Kir Royale/winey vibe and boatloads of black currant giving birth to an original accord that while smelling interesting it's far from what I usually like to apply on my skin . Green-ish elements provide nice but not completely successful sweet-and-sour, fruity-fresh facets enhancing, somehow, the sparkling-winey notes. The fragrance then quickly evolves into a woody-resiny oriental which feels a bit formulaic and, in the end, not much intriguing.

I'm a big fan of Duchaufour but I'm afraid I can't compare Enchanted Forest to the huge amont of masterpieces he delivered so far (Mohur, Trayee, Jubilation XXV, several Comme Des Garcons, several L' name only a few). Not bad but far from beng a winner in my book. Sorry.
31st March, 2013
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United States
Enchanted Forest opens with an aldehyde-laced sour red wine, dry rum and blackcurrant fruit accord. The overall accord is reminiscent of a very tart booze-laced tropical fruit punch. The challenging open lasts a good hour on skin before finally softening to its more manageable blackcurrant and oakmoss heart. The mossy green facets of the oakmoss are all but obscured by the blackcurrant, instead showcasing its powdery aspects as they are more able to cut through the tart fruitiness. Carnation is also used to take some of the sting off the extreme bitterness of the blackcurrant fruit, while during the dry-down an underlying evergreen fir note from the base adds to it. Projection is average and longevity is below average at about 4 to 5 hours.

I really wanted to love Enchanted Forest, but it really is tough. The dry booze, tart wine and fruity nature of the open is definitely unique, but more than a bit off-putting. I love drinking tart tropical rum punch, but I can't say I have ever wished to smell of it. To add to my dismay, once you get past the bizarre open and the scent becomes more wearable, it turns very powdery while maintaining its tart fruity core and on me, at least, it just did not work. I absolutely love the bottle and I like the story behind Enchanted Forest, but the name is somewhat misleading as the composition is more tropical punch than green forest despite the supporting fir note in the dry-down. The bottom line is I am impressed with the innovation but disappointed with the results of this 2.5 star out of 5 very average release by The Vagabond Prince. Must be a rookie mistake, I guess.
26th March, 2013