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Neutral Reviews of Viaggio d'Africa by Pal Zileri

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It's unique and exotic. Reminds me of coffee and florals with some cocoa somewhere thrown in there.

Projection is average but it does last for awhile and the notes are sharp and distinctive, so that helps.
12th April, 2017
I decided to try this after I heard it was a dupe of Byredo's Bal D'Afrique, which I adore. They are similar; however, VdA lacks the butteriness of BdA. In addition, on my skin, VdA has a smoke element, which BdA does not. I think the smokiness is an effort to further masculinize VdA, and I do think BdA is more unisex while VdA falls on the masculine side of the spectrum. Still a decent scent, just lacks the magic of BdA for me.
27th March, 2016