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Neutral Reviews of Perle de Mousse by Ann Gerard

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United Kingdom
The opening screams aldehydes, with bergamot and a slightly acidic citrus note enhancing the impression of a freshness that is more fresh than very bright in character. A quite crisp galbanum leads into the further development, which turns into the floral realm: gardenia and muguet, then rose,but more in the gentle and fragile side.

The base tries to turn into a chypre-style mix - with bergamot we had a traditional chypre opening note already present - and clove and lentiscus try to imitate a mossy theme with a slightly ambergris-style salty touch - the poor IFRA - stricken perfumers oak moss so to speak. This imitation, as interestingly conceived it may be, is distinctly unconvincing, missing the mark, being more messy than mossy.

The base is a simple vanilla that is blended with a musky component - like so many scents are these days.

No get moderate sillage, good projection and five hours of longevity on my skin.

Not a bad creation, with some interesting ideas in the quest of creating a laboratoy - created petrochemical modern chypre; quite synthetic and at times too generic though. In the end it is a bit colourless and dull on my skin. 2.75/5
24th January, 2016