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Given the brand I obviously did not expect this to smell anything close to cannabis, but this went even more far than that. It is basically a soapy-powdery scent with tonka, resins, amber, floral notes and white musks, cheaply cozy as any bath soap, rich in plastic nuances, "à la fois" synthetic and metallic. As basically all other fragrances by Il Profumo, another stereophonic "no" for me.

24th July, 2014
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United Kingdom

The cannabis oil is at the heart of this scent with a raisinous note that counterbalances its richness nicely. in the drydown amber notes are added, but they are less rich and convincing. At times a fruity motes emerges but remain ephemeral. An original creation, not particular complex but well made. Good silage and projection, and on my skin I get a longevity of four hours. A fun scent on autumn days.

19th October, 2013
Nice aldehydic (just a touch of aldehydes i suppose) floral-oriental with an heady undiscerned floral bouquet (Osmanthus, Tuberose??), a structuring ambery background (by soon noticeable in the top by its smooth soapiness) and a typical touch of cannabis oil you can perceive at distance in its unique sort of simil rubbery vibe. At the beginning the ambery soapiness is uncompromising and precedes the floral burst. The note of amber nails down the mail characteristic of the juice, something that at the beginning conjures up a bit an ideal blend of Lou Lou Cacharel and Chanel N. 5. That before another standout trait of the scent (i mean a sort of gummy/resinous floral effect) comes out. The cannabis oil is well calibrated, cleverly appointed in dosage and never cloying (despite an inner claustrophobic/stale temperament is in its nature) while the intense floral bouquet produces a sophisticated feminine vibe around, conjuring a more than vaguely decadent/potpourri Old Century's atmosphere. There is a touch of fruitiness (a simil apricot type of smell) in the middle of the resinous/ambery floral atmosphere. Any sort of narcotic rhapsody but after 4-5 hours you can finally be able to detect more clearly the joint in its sticky/smokey undertone in the middle of the fruity/floral and ambery (vaguely boozy) sweetness. A must try by the lovers of amber.
01st May, 2013 (last edited: 22nd December, 2013)
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